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Autocad courses online?

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    Hey guys,

    I'm a recent new grad in Electrical Engineering, I have an interview with a company that requires some autocad experience, though mine is very limited (basically none). They are aware of this and still invited me to the interview, but I want to show initiative and demonstrate that I have found AutoCad courses available online that I am willing to complete while simultaneously working. I haven't found much, any ideas?

    I live in Alberta, Canada...
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    If you are looking for AutoCAD courses online, I assume you have a copy of AutoCAD. If not, local technical colleges (or the canadian equivilant) will do CAD courses.

    To be honest if you have acess to a copy just learn my playing with it. If you've done any drafting work before the interface will become second nature.
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    I've never really done any drafting work, I don't have a copy of AutoCad yet. Reason I'm asking for online courses is that if I do get this job I will most likely not have the option of pursuing this courses through a technical school while working, which is why I would like to explore the option of learning through correspondence.

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    To do the learn online you generally need a your own copy of AutoCAD. If you are still a student I think Autodesk may still do free 12 month licenses for AutoCAD/ ACAD LT.

    (I know you say you recently graduated, but if you still have an active university email address thats all you need, if it's been deactivated then bad luck).

    Try something like freecad, it's all basically the same.
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    There is a school in Alberta, Athabasca University known for distance education. You probably know of it. My program has articulation agreements with it thats how I know of it. Not sure if they have online CAD courses tho.

    Like Chris said above you can obtain student copies through your school, I was using one for a while. So if you get registered for a course you should be able get a student copy.

    This is my 3rd summer now working a job where CAD has been about 25% of my duties. I have learned most of it on the job as I find the inclass courses boring. There are all kinds of cad forums that will come up by simply "googling" what your trying to do. Youtube can be helpful to for CAD demos.

    Good luck with the interview!
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