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In military, need online courses

  1. Sep 19, 2015 #1
    Hey there! My name is Alex and I am a new member to the foum. Hopefully, I am able to reach out to some people and talk to people who are interested in what I find fascinating. I do have a question for anyone who might be able to help me though. I am currently in the military and can't really attend a set college. I am working on going to school but am currently at a stand still. I want to pursue my degree in physics but I can't seem to find a college to attend where I can do so. I am overseas right now so that kind of puts a hold on things since I haven't found a University to offer online courses for Physics. Does anyone know of any University that might offer some online courses to get me started on the right path and maybe some Universities in the States that I could look into when I return? I don't know where I will be going yet when I do return and I will for sure look into that when I do know. But for now, what would be the best course of action for me in order to get the ball rolling again? Thanks anyone and everyone for your input and I look forward to reading your replies!
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    Thanks for moving that for me. I didn't know there was a forum for this!
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    Arizona State University offers Physics I and II (w/ labs) online. CCCOnline (Colorado Community College consortium) offers Physics I, II, and III (w/ labs) online. Neither requires an in-class appearance. Beyond Physics III, I don't think any schools offer them as an online course.

    A lot of schools offer math courses, upper and lower level, online. A quick Google search will yield you some results. Are you in the US military? If so, check out UMUC since they offer courses ranging from basic arithmetic to numerical analysis and everything in between all online. Again, if you're US military, there should be an UMUC rep located at your base education center.
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    Thanks for the input Cod. I will have to check into ASU and CCCOnline. I've tried search on google for something and I just couldn't find anything that I was looking for. I guess I just suck at google and figuring out what people tag these days as far as SEO goes. Yes, I and in the US Military. With UMUC (which is the most ridiculous college name by the way), I have tried that route and actually applied and did all the stuff to transfer schools. I had all my stuff sent to them and then sat down with an academic adviser at UMUC on the base and basically got told..."oh yeah, nope. We don't offer physics as a major study, only a minor, and we actually don't have any physics classes you can take other and in intro class". So that's as far as UMUC goes (also I have been waiting for almost a year now for them to get my stuff in order so I can take classes again and just work on core curriculum and whatnot, but they are still "waiting on administrative paperwork to process" before I can jump back in again. I am at a stand still now unless ASU and CCCO works out. Thanks again Cod! You are awesome!
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    I'm active Navy looking into similar paths as you; I'm stateside but still have issues with brick-and-mortar college due to rotating shift work that will likely prohibit a complete semester of anything.

    The ASU program I've looked at is their Electrical Engineering major, even though it's not my main goal (Mathematics, and Actuarial Science/CS). They let you use tuition assistance and have a scholarship for all TA recipients that covers the "other half" of tuition, leaving you with some admin fees to pay instead of an extra $250 per unit that the military isn't paying for you.

    I'm still not certain as to how to best proceed for myself either, but if you're trying to get credit for coursework it's not a bad option. I can't advise you as to where to pursue your degree since I haven't achieved what most on this forum have, but also keep in mind that you'll get a lot of flak from military people about either intentionally "not finishing" a degree online as a means of transferring into a "better" school or by simply studying not-for-credit to be better prepared for brick-and-mortar once you're out; they are to be ignored unless you're trying to commission or do something else wherein the actual knowledge you gain is of less importance than the letters you add to your name/resume.

    Hope you find what you're seeking.


    PS Which branch's EOD, if I may inquire?
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