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Awesome Robotic Mechsuit from S Korea

  1. Sep 10, 2017 #1


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    This is an awesome robotic mech-suit from South Korea. It's fully operational and ready to go into action.

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    All is not as it seems...
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    Yeah, I noticed many of the things the Captain talked about:
    - no onboard power (which could alter the weight distribution)
    - no onboard computer (not sure this is really an issue)
    - shaky and tethered walking gait (Boston Dynamics did that in their early robotic development)

    One thing noted in the interview was that the CEO was interested in fighter-bot competition and there is a move afoot with other companies to showcase their engineering work that way. It might also lead to faster evolution of the design of these bots too. Its the Jurassic Park idea of how to pay for the tech development by making it entertaining and some day it becomes useful and real.
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