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BA Mathematics to Ph.D engineering?

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    Im studying mathematics as an undergraduate. I don't know what I want to do so im just looking into options for my future. is it at all possible to go into a phd program in,say, nuclear engineering, with undergraduate education only in mathematics? I saw a few programs that seems to think that was okay but will it be a problem?
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    Sure. Maybe it entails more work than coming from other backgrounds, depending on what you choose to do. But it can be done.
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    I agree with the previous poster. Going from math/physics into engineering is a pretty common thing. Depending which engineering program you choose, you may have to take a few undergrad classes to fill in the gaps, but it isn't bad. Also, some of the more specific fields (e.g. nuclear) as well as the more interdisciplinary fields (e.g. materials) usually expect people from vastly different backgrounds, so in this case you would be set.

    Also, depending on what you specialize in, you may have an advantage with your math major (e.g. computational mechanics (ME), signal processing (EE)).
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    great thats good to know. as i said i really have no idea what I want to do, but I've always had an interest in these sorts of things so its good to know the possibilities are still out there
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