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Back to school after 2 decades

  1. May 15, 2010 #1
    so.. err A few years back I left the military service, since I have wanted to start over so to speak.

    I have a large background in electrical theory and working with radios, avionics systems and radar.

    I am not good at math calculation though I understad most math concepts.

    I wish for a minor in physics for gp(it fascinates me) and also I would like to help work in the field of nano tech and condensed matter as practical research for the devlopepment of power gereration and storage.

    What kinda major am I looking for. Also would it be worth my time to take some starter course's offered by a local community collages for areas in math I suck in?

    getting old at upper mid 30s so I plan to start this year.
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    I went back to physics graduate school in my 50's about 1-1/2 years ago, so it can be done. I definitely advise you to do whatever you can to upgrade your math skills, including courses at community college, online courses, or just self-study online. It sounds like a physics or applied physics major is what you're looking for.
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