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Homework Help: Bad Movie Physics : How do I prove this wrong?

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    At 1:19 in that video, the actor throws the ball agaisnt the backboard. As the ball bounces backwards, the actor "flies up" from the free throw line and dunks the ball.

    I know this is impossible, but I need the formulas that would prove this to be impossible.

    I'm utterly lost and can't figure out what ones to use to show that dunking the ball at the actors weight and height is impossible. (Power, work, Newton's 3rd Law etc)

    Any guidance would help extremely.
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    um calulate the engery needed to jump that high then find out the highest a human can possibliy jump?
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    Would you go about calculating energy using the formulas for power and work?
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    um u could do that or reg kinetic
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