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Baez TWF #244 is out

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    In this edition JB asks the question

    When was the first calculus textbook written - and in what language?

    and gives an unexpected answer.

    Also there is an account of a conversation in a café in Toronto about how to measure the size of a category. It ends with the observation that

    We're still just learning to count.
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    Hi Marcus:

    As usual John Baez has a great and interesting blog in TWF 244.

    I am fascinated with item 5 which discusses Euler’s bridges. From my perspective this is a problem ideal for the strategy analysis of game theory had such a tool been available in the 1700s.

    Geert Jan Olsder [mathematics] Delft University in 2005 presented a variant of this problem as a train routing schedule using game theory.
    MAX PLUS IN HET (TREIN)VERKEER ...[Text in English]

    There does exist the possibility of the Braess' paradox in traffic flow problems.
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