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Baez's Crackpot Index

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    Doesnt point number 37 hint at string theory by what the likes of smolin and woit says?

    And btw, I am no expert in this and I announce that all i have read is a few "layman" books and have no heck of idea what string theory actually is and my voice is utterly insignificant..
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    Why don't you ask Dr. Baez himself? He posts here in the Beyond the Standard Model forum.

    Perhaps this thread could be moved there?
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    I posted here in case people took it seriously and started flaming all over again and I dont want to be the initiator of it lol. Ok, since Gokul agrees, this should be moved then.. how do i move it btw?
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    I'm not moving it, but one of the men in green has to do so. 'Tis beyond your ken.
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    nah, i am gonna go there and post myself already..
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    I wouldn't advise it. The index is meant as a joke. Unless you have anything of any actual value to discuss, drop it.
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