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News Baltic States - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - and the EU

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    Folks were celebrating when these states joined the EU.


    But now, folks are wearily eyeing a more aggressive Russia next door, especially after the Russian annexation of Crimea and invasion of Ukraine's territory.

    Meanwhile - Lithuania signs US deal to replace Russian gas

    I can't imagine Russia will look upon further economic independence of the Baltic States.
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    Good for Lithuania! We need green/renewable energy options asap. Not just for the climate.
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    1) Actually with this gas terminal Lithuania can threaten Russia to cut gas supplies to Kaliningrad Area.
    2) There are some plans to connect Balts between each other and Polish gas system. (there are even ideas to use it to supply to Ukraine)
    3) There is suprisingly huge amount of nationalism in those countries that hampers the most of cooperation. Until quite recently Polish minority in Lithuania was considered as the main enemy.
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