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I Bandgap Energy and refractive index

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    The statement that the higher the bandgap energy Eg, the lower the refractive index of material is confusing me.

    If I start from two equations.
    Eq1: Eg=hc/lamda_g
    Eq2: lamda=lamda_0/n

    Higher Eg means lower lamda_g. It means in order to have the light in semiconductor material with wavelength of lamda_g, we have to increase n.
    That comes out the conclusion that higher Eg, Higher n.

    I don't know where is the logic wrong.
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    Neither equation relates the band gap to the refractive index. So, the logic ypu are seeking cannot be found from these equations alone.
    A quick google search resulted in finding this paper that shows how complicated this relationship is: https://web.njit.edu/~sirenko/PapersNJIT/Ravi_IPT_2007.pdf.
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