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Basketball hang time and the acceleration of gravity

  1. Sep 8, 2008 #1
    Here is my question guys ...i guess you can help me out .

    1.A basketball player achieves a hang time of 1.33 second in dunking the ball.the acceleration of gravity is 9.8m/s^2.what is vertical hight will he attain.answer in m.

    here is what i did.

    Y=Y(inital) + v(inital)t + 1/2 gt^2

    which is Y = 0.5(9.8)(1.33^2)
    =8.6676 m

    I don't know what i did wrong but my answer is wrong.

    thank you.
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    Re: problem

    Hang time is total time in the air isn't it? Half of that should give you time to maximum height.
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