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In summary, the conversation is about someone looking for a study buddy for the GRE exam. They are specifically looking for someone with a Yahoo account and a Windows or Mac OS. The study buddy will help keep them awake and motivated while studying, and they can also discuss their frustrations and goals. The conversation also mentions a reference to Orwell's "1984" and the possibility of recording a message to help with late night study sessions. The person is also looking for a physics GRE buddy.
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Please be my GRE study buddy. I'm Chan from the Boston area. This is basically all you'll ever need to know about me because I'm trying a new approach -- you'll be my study buddy over the net. You'll need a Yahoo account and a Windows or maybe Mac OS. We'll voice/text/maybe video over Y Messenger.

I'll be virtually tied to my desk studying anything from GRE to QM to EM, math etc. If I fall asleep, you'll call out "Smith #444 or whatever, wake up!". (cf. Orwell, "1984")

We can complain about things and how difficult it is to get what you want, your college of choice, etc.

So I guess you should be just yourself, willing to work hard or hardly working, having a sense of humor, be supportive, etc. There'll be no innuendo. :)

It will be fun.

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bx11 said:
If I fall asleep, you'll call out "Smith #444 or whatever, wake up!". (cf. Orwell, "1984")

I should so wire a recording of that up to a galvanometer for the next time I need to pull a late night session...
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When are you taking it?
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I need a physics GRE buddy, too. I've been out of school for a couple years and really need to refresh.
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The movie 1984 blew.

What is the "Be My GRE Study Buddy" program?

The "Be My GRE Study Buddy" program is a mentorship program designed for students studying for the GRE. It pairs students with a mentor who has already taken the GRE and can provide guidance, support, and study resources.

Who is Chan from Boston?

Chan from Boston is a mentor in the "Be My GRE Study Buddy" program. He is a graduate student at Boston University and has taken the GRE himself. He is available to answer questions, provide study materials, and offer support to his assigned mentee.

How can I sign up for the "Be My GRE Study Buddy" program?

To sign up for the program, you can fill out an application form on the program's website. The program coordinators will then match you with a suitable mentor, such as Chan from Boston.

What kind of support can I expect from my GRE study buddy?

Your GRE study buddy, like Chan from Boston, can provide support in various ways. They can offer study tips, share their own experiences and strategies, provide study materials, and answer any questions you may have about the GRE.

Is there a fee for participating in the "Be My GRE Study Buddy" program?

No, the "Be My GRE Study Buddy" program is completely free for both mentors and mentees. It is a volunteer-based program aimed at helping students succeed in their GRE exams.

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