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  1. P

    Testing Sending Physics GRE Scores

    Hello! When I apply to grad schools and sent my Physics GRE scores, will I be able to send only my score from the October test and not the September one? Or is it the case that most Physics grad schools require you to send all of your scores; that is, send the score for all the tests you took...
  2. N

    Schools Realistic Graduate School Opportunities in Computational Astrophysics

    Hi, I'm a junior at a Ivy League (H/Y/P/C - going to remain anonymous for privacy reasons) and I wanted your honest opinion on what my chances are for graduate school in computational astrophysics and where I should look for the best chances. GPA: 3.5/4 (working to raise this, had a bad...
  3. shahbaznihal

    Testing Electricity and Magnetism section in GRE Physics

    Hi, I am taking GRE Physics this year and I am preparing from Conquering GRE Physics book and I have covered everything in that book on Electricity and Magnetism (yet to study Optics and Waves). My question: How much from Griffith Electrodynamics book do I need to study? Or is the material in...
  4. S

    Are my GRE scores acceptable for PhD in Optics?

    Hello Everyone! I am Sharvari from India, interested in quantum and non linear optics and wish to pursue PhD in this domain. I am looking forward to active discussion on the grad school discussion forum as I will be applying for grad schools this year.
  5. S

    Testing To focus on general GRE Writing?

    Hi all, Maybe most people would say that physics grad schools (PhD) programs don't care about your GRE writing score, but I have a sort of quick question: how much effort should I put into the Writing sections. I took my first GRE earlier this month, but messed up both of my writing sections...
  6. R

    When should I take the GRE?

    Hi guys. I'm relatively new to the Physics Forums, so forgive me if this question has been asked a bunch already. (I'm sure it has). I'm currently a junior in UCLA and majoring in Physics. I want to go to grad school (not sure which yet) so I'll obviously need to take both the general GRE and...
  7. Naytile

    Programs Materials PhD help: Low GRE score spooks physics major

    Hi. So, I took the general GRE the other day and did crappy on the Quant. This worries me. I'm applying to Materials Engineering PhD programs soon. I'd like to get some opinions of how deep of a ditch I've dug for grad school, or how much this retracts from the rest of my credentials. Do I stand...
  8. O

    Admissions Strong GPA, Research, References--Bad GRE Score

    Here's my situation. I have a high GPA at a very well known university, three research internships (including an REU and SULI,) a senior thesis, a potential publication, and strong recommendation letters. My physics GRE score for the September test? 510. BEYOND terrible. I'm taking it again but...
  9. O

    Testing Registering for the GRE by mail

    Not sure if this is the right place, but I'm desperate. I mailed a paper registration for the Physics GRE since I need to take it on Monday. I mailed it in awhile ago and have heard nothing about whether or not it was received or processed and there's nothing on my bank account statement to say...
  10. B

    Admissions GRE Dates and Submission

    Hi all. This year the subject test dates are scheduled for September 17th, and October 29th, with scores being available online on October 17th, and November 28th respectively. I know the magic cut-off time for some of the schools I was looking at seem to be around mid-December. I was...
  11. J

    GRE Math Resources

    I am planning to give the MATH GRE. I intend to go to physics graduate schools but I may have to given the MATH GRE according to my college's requirement. I very much like maths, but I'm overloaded with physics related work, including the GRE, since I have been making a transition from...
  12. D

    Programs Planning on doing the physics GRE (not a physics major)

    Hi everyone, I've read a few posts on this forum and thought they were helpful enough that I should try to get some help as well. My situation is a little unusual in that I am a third year undergraduate student majoring in biochemistry, minoring in mathematics. I want to tackle biological...
  13. O

    Admissions Chances that a rising senior can make it into nuclear physics PhD programs?

    Hi PhysicsForums, I was hoping to get a little guidance on my chances for PhD programs. I am a second-semester junior. I feel like I'm going at this totally blind and am starting to get nervous, I'd mostly like to know how strong my credentials are so far, what kind of GRE score I might need...
  14. Victor Alencar

    Schools How much grad schools cares about GRE?

    I'm 3rd year undergraduate student at Brazil and I wish to apply for some USA universities,but I'm scared with GRE. I have good and knowed physicists for rec. letters, experience with research and good grades,what are my chances? I'm thinking in 4 uni : Stony Brook,Chicago,Cornell and Penn. Here...
  15. Alpharup

    Other GRE Math subject test

    I am undergrad doing third year of my engineering. I looked into websites of many US universities for MS Applied math. Most of them require GRE math subject ( as far as I searched)test. The problem is am from engineering background and find it difficult to grasp seemingly simple concepts to math...
  16. I

    Uploading score reports of GRE and TOEFL

    During the application process for graduate schools, I have the option of uploading GRE and TOEFL score reports that I 'printed to pdf' from the website. The score reports also show the other schools I sent official score reports to. I was wondering if the admissions committee could use this...
  17. M

    Options in higher education in physics (no math/science bkg)

    Hello! I've been reading this forum for a while now, and while I see many threads asking about similar questions as I am, I still cannot get answers to some of my questions. So I hope to get some advice here on PF. I am very interested in pursuing a career in Physics, but I don't have any...
  18. M

    Bringing cellphone to GRE test center

    I have scheduled a GRE test next week and in the ETS website it says that "Do not bring cell phones, smartphones (e.g., Android®, BlackBerry® or iPhone® devices), PDAs, digital watches, smartwatches and other electronic, recording, listening or photographic devices into the test center". Does it...
  19. A

    Schools Learning Disability and Grad School

    Hello fellow good people. I feel like i am suffering from a delima in my life and for my future, so i am reaching out for any guidence. I'm currently a junior at the University of Texas at austin studying my BS in physics. I transfered recently, and it is going stellar for me to my surprise...
  20. Prins

    About GRE

    I'm thinking of giving gre test i don't know if i need only to give the subject test or general is must. i'm thinking of getting into physics Ph.D program so Physics GRE test. Please someone explain how am i supposed to give the test to be considered for a phd thanks
  21. deep838

    GRE with 3 years of Bachelors degree?

    Hi, I am currently in my 3rd and final year of B.Sc Physics. Soon I'll have to start applying for a Masters degree. Is it true that you need 4 years of bachelor degree to get admitted for Postgraduate via GRE exam? If so, is there any university outside India which will accept my 3 year course...
  22. L

    Testing Conquering Physics GRE book wanted

    ..anyone who used this book to study for the Physics GRE test willing to sell it? I cant find used copies anywhere.
  23. SonOfGod

    Area of this triangle?

    This is supposed to be a simple question. However, I forgot a lot of the basics and rules I have to follow. I tried to workout the height based on the area: 0.5 x 3 x h = 30 h = 20 But couldn't figure out the rest. Then I thought about going by ratio (not from knowledge but out of...
  24. EternusVia

    Intensive GRE study or job over summer?

    Hello all, I'm going into my senior year of applied mathematics this coming Fall semester. My adviser recommended that I take the GRE before Fall semester starts so that I can have my Grad school applications in by the December deadline. My question is as follows: Would it be better to study...
  25. K

    Ambiguous GRE Question?

    Homework Statement Title of pie chart: New Construction in Daisy Hill Subdivision Given a pie chart with sections: Currently Completed: 26% Currently Under Construction: 42% Approved, but Not Yet Started: 32% Question: When construction is completed in Daisy Hill Subdivision there'll...
  26. S

    GRE and TOEFL Exams

    Greetings, I am going to receive my bachelor's degree in science the next year and I have registered for the two GRE exams. Regarding the admission procedure and the exams, I have a few inquiries: 1) While registering for the GRE subject test I was asked to select which institutions to...
  27. M

    GRE Prep Material

    Is there any additional material, besides the 4 practice tests (86,92,96,01) and the solutions on There was a site up a few months ago or something but seems to be down now.. and it was an awesome site.
  28. A

    GRE Math Sub for Physics PhD program

    I am a rising junior in a US college and I plan to apply to a top physics PhD program. I am both a physics and a math major, and I am more interested in theoretic physics rather than experimental. So should I also take the GRE Math Subject Test?
  29. S

    Testing Will I need the Physics GRE after an MS?

    Hello. Pretty self explanatory. Does having a good masters degree in physics waive the Physics GRE requirement for most US schools? Going to get an MS from : Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey Hoping to go for PhD to: a good US school, TBD. Looking at Stony brook, or in general unis from...
  30. C

    Studying for the GRE subject test: physics

    I am going to do the GRE subject test: physics, and I would like to know if any of you have some advises to study for this test, as well as books to use to prepare for this test. Also if you have already done the test it would be helpful to know about your experience.