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Behavior of the browser's Back button.

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    Behavior of the browser's "Back" button.

    I've noticed some new behavior of PF as of the last two or three weeks or so.

    When I look at a list of threads on PF (whether it be a list of threads in a subforum, or my own "subscribed threads"), recently updated threads that I have not read yet have their thread name displayed in boldface. After catching up on one of these threads, and clicking on the browser's "back" button, PF's behavior used to be such that the thread name in question was no longer displayed in boldface.

    But now when clicking the browser's "back" button the thread name in question is still displayed in boldface. It's not until I refresh the page (or re-click on "subscribed Threads") that the displayed thread name goes to normal (un-bolded), indicating that I'm all caught up on that thread.

    Given my current habits, this causes me to inadvertently re-read threads that I just finished reading moments before.

    I'm guessing that maybe this behavior was intentional: Don't indicate a change relative to the user's cache when clicking the browser's "back" button in a possible attempt to reduce server load.

    But I don't know if that is correct. Is this behavior intentional?
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    That's odd, the back button never acted that way for me, it always kept the title in boldface. I tried it on this thread a second ago and it showed it as unread.

    I use Chrome, what is your browser?
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    I agree w/ lisab ... this is likely to be browser behavior, not site behavior.

    Edit: specifically, it's probably to do with the way your browser handles cookies
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    Thanks, you're right. It does seem to be browser related. It must have been a recent change with Firefox, which is the browser I use for most things. I noticed this behavior on several computers. But I was using Firefox on all the computers. I suppose they all might have updated to the latest version of Firefox about about the same time. So that's probably the reason.

    Internet Explorer still behaves the "old way" (the way Firefox used to behave as of a few weeks ago), where hitting the "back" button automatically triggers whatever it is that's necessary to remove the boldface on the thread name that was just read.

    I haven't tested Chrome yet, but I'll take your word for it Lisab.
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