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Behind the border off the universe

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    I would like to tell you my idea about the relativity theory. Scientist should put the theory upsite down so that the lightspeed is zero and that we are moving tru time with the speed off light. Our own conciousness is the real border off the universe sipmly by the fact that tommerow does not exist yet. Light is like a trail what stands still while we are moving tru time. I can prove the stilness off light with 2 pieces off rope. The simple fact is, that if time stands still at lightspeed, there is nog possobility off movement at all.
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    I see that you have had you previous two threads locked. There is an independant research forum for private research with supporting evidence / proofs . I think you should read the forum guidelines.

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    "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

    I just will try again to tell you my idea..
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    I am not saying that you shouldn't share your idea nor am I saying that your idea is rubbish, I am just pointing out the forum guidelines.

    I was just warning you that your thread is likely to be locked and/or deleted.

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    free association/thinking apparently not allowed...

    ..might better move u'r idea over to the philosophy side of the fence..
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    Start u'r idea there...others will join in the exploration of time and litespeed
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    phylosophy and science are the same thing. All science started once with filosophy. My idea is simple to prove with math our 2 pieces off rope.

    First I will show you the math..

    I start a trip to a galaxy 10 lightyears from here. I have travel with 80% lightspeed.

    t = s / v
    t = 10 / 0,8 = 12,5 it will take me 12.5 year.

    formule of timedilattion
    t' = t * Sqrt(1-v2)

    on board off the ship it take's me..
    12,5 * Sqrt(1-(0,8*0,8) = 12,5 * 0,6 = 7,5 year

    What if it's not a spaceship but a photon..
    From the poin off view on earth it take's him 10 years but..

    For the fhoton it will take..

    10 * Sqrt(1-(1*1)) = 0 year.

    The distance for the photon is..

    0 year * 1c = 0

    From the point off view of the photon there is no distance at all.
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    You need to use length contraction not time dilation. If you are on the space ship you will see no time dilation. Only length contraction. I haven't bothered looking through the rest. Also, I cannot see where your two peices of rope come into it.

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    What leads you to think that way? I'd like to hear more about what you've said. Can you also explain the experiment with 2 pieces off rope?

    Similar, yet not the same idea was by Nikola Tesla. In his unfinished theory, he believed that we move through space and passage of time is caused by our movement through space.

    Anyway, thanks
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    Doc Al

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    This is not the place for idle speculation or "free association" :rolleyes: . As Hoot suggested, you are welcome to submit your idea to the Independent Research Forum, subject to the applicable guidelines, found here.

    My suggestion: Learn a bit about special relativity.
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