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Bessel Function Evaluation Problem in Mathematica

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    When I write:
    Code (Text):
    in the Mathematica editor, the output is the same as the input. But I want to evaluate it numerically. In other words, I want the output be a number. How can I do that?

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    Did you try the N function?

    Code (Text):

    BesselK[1,2] // N
    In general, Mathematica only "evaluates" such functions for special arguments for which it knows exact values. In all other cases, it leaves the answer exact. You can force it to give a decimal representation using
    N[expr, # of decimals]

    Another way that often works is to give the arguments as floating numbers rather than exact values:
    Code (Text):

    BesselK[1., 2]
    BesselK[1, 2.]
    BesselK[1., 2.]
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    Thank you CompuChip, but it didn't work, I still get the same expression. Why?

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    try again, the N method is correct.

    In[30]:= N[BesselK[1, 2]]

    Out[30]= 0.139866

    make sure its not misspelled.
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    Now it is working, but believe me, I wrote it correctly, and the result was not produced numerically, I don't know why. Anyway, thank you Hepth very much to confirm the N[] numerical evaluation method.

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