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Best Beginner Learning Source For Physics?

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    I'm looking for Physics 101, where they start from the very bottom of the floor in the world of Physics. I'm not taking Physics 1 until next semester, but I only know a little about what I've seen on the science channel. Does anyone know of a good website or book that can start me off on physics?

    I personally think math and science are absolutely beautiful, and physics is just one of the things that make our universe tick. It's almost exciting to think of it like laws that bind the ENTIRE universe together. Anyways I'm rambling, back to the question.
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    MIT's site has a ridiculous amount of material to study. They have lecture notes for days..

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    What's your Physics 1 textbook? Start reading it & doing the problems *now*... you'll need the head start...
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    The physics at the starter level is trivial. I wouldn't spend time trying to get ahead unless you have nothing better to do. By better to do, I mean MATH. Your math has to be "gap free". The years you spend in physics will rely on you having an extraordinarily solid math foundation. I can't think of any other subject that is as dependent on math. If you have a gap, fill it before physics. Most people that struggle in physics aren't struggling with the "physics" as much as the math to get through the physics. If Physics is your thing, you must never have a gap in math. Take all you can get and make sure you understand all you are given. IMO, physics is applied math. Know the math and the physics will be reasonable.
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