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Best calculator for electrical engineer

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    I need best calculator for electrical engineer ( communication or computer networks)
    I think ti-89 for DE solver
    read about casio and hp
    but still need advance for pro.

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    I use a TI-30X. Everything I need, no crap I don't.
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    If the TI website recommended that a Casio was the best buy for your application, them you should DEFINITELY buy the Casio. :biggrin:
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    HP has nice models. Consider all before buying. It used to be which OS one is locked into that makes that one the choice, forward algebraic with TI, reverse Polish with HP. Now many models from both TI & HP offer switchable OS. You can use forward algebraic or reverse Polish with a flip of a switch.

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    The best calculator for an EE specializing in comm or computer networks? The Ti89 is good and easy to find, my first recommendation.
    My preference would be for a pocket calculator (with buttons, but there are apps available too) would be an Hp 42s. Sadly no longer available.
    Third, an Hp 50G (actually, I kind of like the old and slow Hp 48G, but also no longer available retail).
    Since I mention out of date calculators, a Ti-86 would be very good too. In fact, it may be your best option, unless you know you like RPN. The Ti-86 is WAY better laid out than the Ti-89, but doesn't have CAS. Your need for CAS probably wouldn't be that great. Great number crunching tool.

    If you want a flashy, fast toy..err tool, the Hp Prime would probably work for you too.
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    I'm utilizing a HP50g for EE right now. I get its a bit excessive and expensive and however once I began to get used to it, I could never backpedal to the TI any longer and it issued me more trust in my courses in light of its huge array of capacities.
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