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Courses Best math courses for fluid dynamics?

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    Hello Physics Forums,

    I am going into 2nd year physics and am thinking about taking some additional math courses. My interests lay with ships and the ocean. What math courses would be most useful for research in fluid dynamics and interactions with structures?

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    Dr Transport

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    Partial Differential Equations.....

    Numerical Analysis.....
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    Andy Resnick

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    Continuum mechanics, usually taught through the Mech E or Mat Sci departments.
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    I think that also a good knowledge of differential geometry can help with the PDE, it's really natural for someone who need to know a lot on PDE and analysis to learn also DG.
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    As a fluid dynamicist myself, I can recommend that you take as many asymptotic analysis and perturbation theory courses as you can. I keep saying this to all my colleagues, that perturbation methods are one of the most useful skills a scientist can have.
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