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Best Paid Interns What Company?

  1. Sep 23, 2007 #1
    I'm in my junior year and I'm looking for an electrical/computer engineering internship. Now, I know this is a silly question - but which companies pay the most (in the US)? I know Google and Microsoft are both up there, but any others?

    I'm only taking this attitude for this internship... when I get a real job, I'll obviously be looking at each offer/position with great detail.

    I will be honest with you:

    * I don't care how long I have to work because I plan on working my butt off wherever I get into.

    * At this point, I want to find a job that offers me the most money, no matter what industry (I mean, minus manufacturing, etc...). I've had an internship in the aviation industry and I do not mind moving around industries for this upcoming summer. I'm open to work in any field, as long as it is technical and provides me with a good base. Defense/Medical/Computer Electronics/Software company (doing EE/CE work is preferable, or embedded systems), etc.

    * I understand that factors such as GPA, leadership skills/positions on campus, volunteer, previous work experience, technical skills, etc... contribute to the calculation of my GPA, but I think I have at least 80% nailed down.

    If anyone can throw a ballpark figure of a company, for a specific position, that'd be helpful. And again, I know that it depends on MANY factors, both on my side and on their side (profit for the year, business unit of the company, other candidates in the pool, etc.)

    Sorry if I sound ignorant at this point, but I've researched many other parts of finding an internship. I got stuck with a $13/hr internship between my sophomore and junior year and didn't learn as much as I'd like, especially knowing that my friend (who has lesser qualifications than me - both in all GPA, leadership positions, and technical skills) got paid quite a hefty number per hour. I just applied to the wrong job.
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    How much is m$ and google paying interns?

    I'm getting paid $22.50 at IBM, but its all based on how many credits.
    When I co-op with them again it will be even more next summer.

    I'm a comp sci major.

    I'm learning a sh*t ton at IBM, and my title is "Software Engineer".

    Careful where you get a job, some internships will be a waste of time as you found out.

    This is my first internship but I plan on staying with IBM, unless I can get google, they get paid a lot more I heard as a full time employee, but not sure about intern/co-op pay difference.
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  4. Sep 26, 2007 #3
    I hear Google / MS pay around $27-30/hr for internships.
  5. Sep 26, 2007 #4
    I have a friend who worked with Microsoft last summer on an internship and she got paid the same as she gets paid here at IBM.

    But I do think google pays more than both, also I think it depends on what rank you are in school.

    I can imagine a lot of people interning at Google have their masters or getting a Phd.
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    was she an engineering intern?

    also mr coffee, whats the ibm interview process like?
  7. Sep 26, 2007 #6
    She was also a Computer Science.

    Well I had a total of 7 interviews I think.

    The first interview is if they are impressed with your resume at the career fair and you made a good impression they will set you up for a formal interview.

    Then you'll go one on one with a manager most likely, and he'll ask you what courses you've taken, what projects have you worked on in computer science if thats your major (not sure about comp eng hardware).

    If you impress him, he'll send you resume to tons of people all over IBM.

    Now based only on your resume he sends will the other managers either call you or e-mail you for another interview.

    If you get passed that interview, they will most likely tell you to fly down to whatever location they are in, for me it was Research Triangle Park, NC.

    Once I got there I had 6 interviews back to back, and 2 weeks later I was notified I got the 8 month co-op!

    Once your in, its easy to stay in.

    But the hard part is getting in.
  8. Sep 26, 2007 #7
    I see, it seems very extensive, but I'm only applying for an internship. You have a co-op. Hmm, do you know if it's the same process?

    I have a job fair next week and the local IBM where I live near by is coming... I'm assuming its for them and only their branch (but i may be wrong). How do you ask/tell them that you want to be considered elsewhere as wlel?
  9. Sep 26, 2007 #8
    An internship/co-op has the same process, the only difference is, with the internship you get less experience and is usually shorter (3 months).

    You also have to take a test, but it doesn't count for much as I know I did horrible on it and they still accepted me. It was on series, matrices (not math matrices), and mathematical reasoning.

    I've never gotten anything lower than an A, calc 1-3, A in diff EQ, etc, but this exam rocked me. It wouldn't be so bad but you only have like 3 mins to complete all the sections, some sections are 1 minute. You can see the clock ticking as well, so it really puts pressure on you.

    Wheres their local branch?

    You don't tell them, at the career fair they either put you in a pile where they dont look at you again or you get a second chance for an interview. If you do well on that 2nd interview thats when the guy will say, well I like you, I'm going to pass your resume onto other managers for a possible position.

    Then you can ask them what are all the locations you'll be sending the resume to.
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