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A company, abbreviated as co., is a legal entity representing an association of people, whether natural, legal or a mixture of both, with a specific objective. Company members share a common purpose and unite to achieve specific, declared goals. Companies take various forms, such as:

voluntary associations, which may include nonprofit organizations
business entities, whose aim is generating profit
financial entities and banks
programs or educational institutionsA company can be created as a legal person so that the company itself has limited liability as members perform or fail to discharge their duty according to the publicly declared incorporation, or published policy. When a company closes, it may need to be liquidated to avoid further legal obligations.
Companies may associate and collectively register themselves as new companies; the resulting entities are often known as corporate groups.

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  1. dlgoff

    New Chip Company coming to Kansas

    From: https://kansasreflector.com/2023/02/20/kansas-governor-1-9-billion-1200-job-computer-chip-plant-to-be-built-in-coffey-county/
  2. C

    MHB Calculating Equity in Company A: 1.2% for $600,000.00

    Company A’s value is stated at $50,000,000.00 the company is set up into 2 separate entities Company B with 40% equity and Company C with 60% equity. If a customer wants to own 1.2% of Company A, but only wants to hold part of Company C at 60%, how much would the customer have to spend to buy...
  3. Y

    Help My Grandson Prepare for Internship in Gaming Company

    My grandson is staying 2 days with us before going back to college in Washington State. He's a CS major and he is interested in gaming. He want to get an intern job with a gaming company this summer. I told him the first thing is to see what language they use for their games, it's C++. His...
  4. C

    Did your DNA test results change when using a second company to do the test?

    Here's the story: I did the 23&Me and it told me that I was about 90% X but then there was among the smaller %ages a Y = French Later, about a year later, I checked it again. The French ancestry had disappeared. There was still 90% X, but now I had a Y = Scandinavia. So, I ran the test again...
  5. Buzz Bloom

    CamSpec Software Tool: UK Company Explored

    From reading the paper I cited in the summary, I am guessing CamSpec is a software tool for statistical analysis. I did a Internet search, but did not find anything other than mentioning CamSpec being used, but not what it does, except that there is a UK company...
  6. M

    MHB Heights of the employees of a company

    Hey! :o In the following table there are the heights of the employees of a company: Calculate the mean value, the variance and the standard deviation of the heights of the employees. Determine the distribution of sampling with replacement of average number of children of each employee...
  7. A

    Engineering Approaching a company or career engineer with an idea

    This will probably sound like paranoia and silly but , what would be the best way to test an idea (simulate it virtually and model on a software or otherwise) in the case where I can't do it myself because I don't have the software and the capabilities to do so. I am thinking either getting in...
  8. W

    Job Skills Can we use OCAI layout to find a good Company Culture Fit?

    Hi, The OCAI format https://OCAI.wordpress.com/2010/05/21 , it seems , has proven effective in terms of describing the culture of companies ( it has quantitative aspects and addresses the dynamic, changing aspect of corporate,company culture.). I am referring to jobs in general. How could we use...
  9. C

    Can the Infinity Stones inside the sun control gamma rays and create anomalies?

    In a few days one of the greatest movies on Earth will appear in the theaters. I'm writing a sci fi novel along the lines of superheroes with powers. I want the book to explore a lot of physics ideas. May I know what quantum interpretation do you believe can be in line or compatible with the...
  10. E

    Engineering Applying again to the same company

    Hi! Suppose I did an interview with a company, and they decided not to offer me a job at the end. My question is: would they consider me if I applied to another position withing the same company in the future, or they keep a record of me, and because they rejected me in the past, then they...
  11. Charles Link

    The phone company has computers doing its customer service

    Today I needed to call the phone company AT&T regarding my telephone account. It was really rather irritating that all I could get was a computer to talk to, and when I asked in a rather irritated tone, "could I please speak to a live person", it actually raised its voice and told me I would...
  12. T

    Job Skills Interview soon at local phone company this week

    Hi, I have an interview at one of my local phone companies for a tech, internet helpdesk 1 position (something that I'm qualified for) (I'm trying to get out of dishwashing ASAP for obvious reasons). There's paid training both in classroom and hands on. It's a full time position. I'm attending...
  13. Juicer82w

    B Launching a Juice Company: Seeking Advice on Slush-Ice Production

    Hi, I'm a student who's creating a project surrounding the start-up of a juice company. We currently experiment with juice slush-ice but we don't know how to make it, neither do we know if it's possible. I would really appreciate if anyone at this site knows anything about this subject, and the...
  14. Prof Sabi

    What it takes to start a space exploration company?

    Hello, Hola, hajimemashite physics family, Well do you know what It takes to start a space exploration company such as making cubesats , satellites or launching vehicles? :wideeyed:o_O:woot: Give your suggestions please :oldeyes::oldbiggrin::angel: Regards.
  15. M

    Create Website for Family Hotel | Low Budget Solutions

    Hello, very soon I'm thinking of starting a new business, a small family hotel. For this I I will need a website. Can you recommend me where I can do this. I don't have a very large budget. Thank you in advance!
  16. Grands

    Why the same company has different salaries

    Here I have an example of a company that have different salaries in different countries. It's an italian company and it is called Intesa SanPaolo, its' a bank. Here are the salaries in Italy https://www.glassdoor.com/Salary/Intesa-Sanpaolo-Italy-Salaries-EI_IE10537.0,15_IL.16,21_IN120_IP3.htm...
  17. B

    Engineering Headless chickens at my engineering consulting company

    As a titled engineer I’ve worked in manufacturing and electric utility. Now, I’m working for a consulting group. I’m wondering, is it normal for consultanting companies to be disorganized? Example, we don’t have general breakdowns for the type of work we do. It could be substation, switchyard...
  18. kolleamm

    Why would a card game company ban online card simulators?

    There is a card game called Yu-Gi-Oh. Apparently the company from what I understand is requesting all the online card game simulator programs to be removed. Why would they do this? Now no one can practice playing their cards for the real life tournaments. They have an official game but you...
  19. K

    Why won't power utility company charge for kVA instead of kW

    Hello all, As I understand (and realize when looking at my electricity bill) it seems all power utility company (in residential market) only charge for kW not kVA. But somehow I find it a bit weird when I think about it more deeply. Wouldn't it make more sense to charge for kVA ? Otherwise, it...
  20. CynicusRex

    Wait But Why: Neuralink - Elon's new company

    This is a long read, but totally worth it. It's about Elon Musk's new company Neuralink and why we need it. The latter is answered quite thoroughly. http://waitbutwhy.com/2017/04/neuralink.html What amazed me was the perspective of humans as a whole, seen as a single organism, where a single...
  21. BillTre

    Medical Company Developing RNA for General Drug Use

    Moderna Therapeutics has apparently been working on developing RNA for drug uses with a minimum of publicity, publishing mostly just patents and getting a lot of investment capital. Their goal is to make injectable RNAs that will be translated into specific proteins. This approach could be...
  22. kolleamm

    Most reliable web hosting company for a begineer

    I would like to start learning PHP and more advanced web development concepts, however I would need a website first. I was thinking of using iPage but there are some bad reviews. Can anybody recommend a good cheap web hosting company?
  23. J

    B Why did Bohr & Company hold quantum reality to be indeterminate?

    QM declares reality to be inherently indeterminate. Another hypothesis is that it is in fact determinate, but due to measurement uncertainty appears to be indeterminate. Why did Bohr, Heisenberg & Co adopt the first hypothesis and reject the equally valid second, when the two are experimentally...
  24. M

    Probability insurance company problem

    Homework Statement (4) (a) Let X be a random variable defined by the probability mass function P(X = x). The possible values X can take (denoted x) and the probability of those values occurring P(X = x) can be seen below x 0 1000 2000 5000 P(X = x) 0.94 0.03 0.02 0.01 Find E(X). (b) An...
  25. M

    What is the expected profit for a car rental insurance company?

    Homework Statement (4) (a) Let X be a random variable defined by the probability mass function P(X = x). The possible values X can take (denoted x) and the probability of those values occurring P(X = x) can be seen below x 0 1000 2000 5000 P(X = x) 0.94 0.03 0.02 0.01 Find E(X). (b) An...
  26. micromass

    Do You Prefer the Company of Animals or Humans?

    This is not a question on who you find the most important. This is a question on whose company you prefer most of the time: animals or humans. I'm creating this poll because on the empathy thread there were some people who said they preferred to be among animals than humans. I certainly...
  27. A

    Engineering Control Engineer in a Power Company?

    I am a first year student in MSc Automation and Control Engineering in Politecnico di Milano. I was working as a Power Protection Engineer before my company decided to send me to do my Masters in the above mentioned degree. The management thought it necessary to at least have someone specialized...
  28. TheOriginalOP

    I want to start an Aerospace Company

    Hey guys, so I am currently a freshman in college and I want nothing more in life than to combine two things that I love...Entrepreneurship and Space Exploration, I want to follow in the footsteps of Elon Musk, Robert Bigelow, and Richard Branson. I know that the odds are stacked against me...
  29. 3301

    Company that specializes in footbars on websites

    Its been stuck in me for a day and I have to get some thoughts about that. I want to start company with my friend that specializes on creating footers on websites. Yea its funny one but is it worth giving a try for something that people barely gives attention on?
  30. B

    Which US company internship should I pick?

    I'm an Industrial Engineering graduate currently enrolled in Manufacturing Engineering master studies in Europe. I have an opportunity to seek for internship in US. Don't have any particular strengths, just been working in tobacco manufacturing for a year. I guess my determinants are: 1. Salary...
  31. M

    Is a Career in Academia or Industry More Financially Viable for Scientists?

    Now I'm in the middle phase of finishing my master degree in physics with focus on photonics. The next step I would like to pursue is actually a PhD position, but there is something that I also need to consider regarding the choice of field I am going to choose for my PhD research. The thing is...
  32. B0b-A

    Wildcard google-search to find email addresses of company?

    Is it possible to do a wildcard google-search to show all the email addresses in a company ? If I know an email address exists like ... john.smith@123company.com Is there some way of doing a wildcard google-search which will list all emails ... *@123company.com where * = wildcard...
  33. I

    Engineering works in a company that develop robots?

    What kind of engineering works need one company that develop very accuracy arm robots except develop engineer in mechanics or develop engineer in control and what these engineers do in these job? What are the knowledge, experiences, requirement that are desirable to have for purchasing...
  34. Y

    Why I'm fired from a Pharmaceutical Company and what can I do ?

    I was working on a pharmaceutical company as a quality control analyst. I have 4 year bachelor chemistry degree from a low reputed university in Turkey . They hired me with mentioned that 1 month trial period firstly.After that, they fired me almost 1 month time...They've started teaching me...
  35. vead

    What Information Should Engineering Students Know About Companies Before Job Interviews?

    I am doing engineering . I want to know some information about companies that will help me to get job I visit companies website and I see what service they provide but we don't know what CAD tool they used to make electronic circuit. If we know something before interview. we can prepare...
  36. J

    What is the actual cost of owning a company?

    So consider the following scenario: -A man starts is own business to sell stuff. -Sells equipment he makes at his house, let's just say it's camera stabilization equipment -He has no employees, he does ALL the work himself and sells through his personal cellphone number. -Has a...
  37. G

    MONIAC Computer Programming Company

    I'm creating a alternate history/soft sci-fi novel with a company that developed and tested MONIAC Computers for the military before programming for profit in the 1960's. I'm looking to determine a fictional development timeline as well as a way to figure out the commercial use and profitability...
  38. S

    Selling an innovation to a company

    Hi, I am wondering has anyone sold any self- innovation or patent to external company before? If yes, what are the problem you will face? And how is it being sold? A lump sum once or by percentage of your product being sold in market? Do you need to build a prototype to sell the idea?Thanks
  39. B

    Not sure which company department I should take

    I'm an undergrad Industrial Engineering student and I'm interested in a summer internship. According to the ad I could choose between some different departments, i.e. Production, Engineering, Quality assurance. Could you briefly elaborate on each department? I'm not sure which one I should take...
  40. 1

    Samuel Smith's is my favorite beer company

    Has anyone tried anything from "Samuel Smith's"? I tried their Strawberry Ale which was by far the best fruit beer I've ever had, and I decided to try their Oatmeal Stout a couple of nights ago which blew me away. Looking forward to trying their pale ale or whatever I see next.. great beer...
  41. K

    Need guidance - Inexperienced at Automotive Company

    Need guidance -- Inexperienced at Automotive Company... I am working in a reputed Automobile company. I am now in design optimization and localization team, to be more precise i am in door team. I am a fresher and joined two months back. I came to know that i don't have any design work like...
  42. A

    Got a call from a company I did not apply too

    I am not sure how this company found me (I'm thinking Monster or LinkedIn - I didn't want to ask) and they want to do a technical interview Monday for a position as a patent classifier. I was told by the woman I spoke to this evening that a patent classifier is a very analytical job that also...
  43. FlexGunship

    Safety PLC Review Company Needed

    My company is looking to have our safety PLC code reviewed by an independent third party. The machine is a ~$1million piece of capital equipment, my company is based in New Hampshire, and we're using B&R. Can anyone point me to an independent reviewer?
  44. psparky

    How does grounded high voltage return to electric company?

    Let's talk about 3 phase feeders (NO neutral) on a aluminum ladder in a factory. When grounded properly...when hot wire touches ladder...we pop the breaker. A live cut high voltage line on the ground is another good example...how does it return to the generator at the electric company? I'll...
  45. F

    Anyone working in a Utility Company?

    Anyone here who works on a utility company? does your company practice neutral high(neutral on top of the phase conductors) in distribution system?
  46. T

    Are Company Rules Limiting Your Free Time and Personal Activities?

    Company "rules" Is your company allowing you to play online games at free time ? I like to work for companies that allow me to do what I want (provided that I don't ruin company's reputation or annoy other people) and they must pay me OT if they ask me to work OT for a project...
  47. K

    Engineering About Product and Test Engineering (in chip company)

    I want to know how prospective is the field of PTE (Product and Test Engineering) compared to IC Design Engineers? What good may lie in future in this field? Also, how much digital/logic related work vs. analog work is done in PTE? Thank You
  48. Q

    Company Politics / Frustration / Career Advice

    Hello, I recently graduated from University as a Mechanical Engineer. I am currently working at a large oil and gas company as a New Graduate Mechanical Engineer. My roles and responsibilities primarily include Preventive Maintenance and Reliability of pipelines. It is probably one of the...
  49. K

    Scientific Publication without providing company affiliation

    Does anyone know what are the general policies for engineers working in a company to publish in scientific journals? Does one have to provide the company name as affiliation or leave it blank or something else?
  50. T

    Can I work at an engineering company while going to school?

    First off I would like to say I will be going to school in the fall for engineering. ( mechanical or electrical engineering ) I know there are many different type of engineers, so please don't say "well there are many different type of engineers" I am working as an engine, tranny tech at a car...