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Other Best use of my time while not in school

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    Hey guys!

    I dropped out of school 1.5 years ago due to my depression during my fourth year of college as a Physics Major at UVa. I had intended to go back into school this semester but due to my carelessness, I missed the re-enrollment deadline and I have a whole semester worth of time on my hands. The course requirements that I have left to graduate is a foreign language competency, E&M II (Griffiths), and a semester of research. I'm planning to go overseas during the summer to obtain my foreign language credits (most likely Korea but open to the idea of other countries) but I have around six months until then.

    So, I was wondering what my best move is to maximize my potential of having the greatest success rate post undergraduate school. My goal after I graduate is to either find a job or go to an Engineering graduate school in a field such as Photonics/Spintronics. After thinking about it for a while, I've thought of a few possibilities.

    1) Go back to U.Va regardless of missing the re-enrollment deadline and find a sublet that lasts until May/June. Engross myself back into the UVa community and find a professor that would let me do volunteer research where I do not get the research credit but gain valuable experience.

    2) Find a volunteer opportunity/internship near the area where I live. I live in Northern Virginia near the D.C. area, close to George Mason University. However, I'm not sure if my credentials are strong enough (being a college dropout and all) to land such an opportunity.

    3) Self-study for 5-6 months staying at home. I can maybe make some side cash by tutoring some Physics/Math to high school kids around the area.

    I plan to self-study no matter what I do but I'd like to do something else to make the best use of my time. I'm also down for any other ideas that are available to me that I'm not aware of.

    Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!
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    Sorry to hear that you had to deal with this medical issue. I hope you are feeling better now.
    That seems like a good option -- it earns you some money and helps you stay sharp in your math and other skills.
    From a thematic and strategic point of view, I personally would stay away from the Korean peninsula for the next year or two. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail, but please be smart in your life planning.
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    Haha, that completely slipped my mind. I guess it seemed like the most logical conclusion to go to Korea as I share their heritage and have some experience speaking Korean with my mother but getting involved in the tensions there does not seem like a great idea. Thanks for reminding me of that and of your opinion!
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