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Best visualization of joint/marginal distributions?

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    I'm trying to get a better visualization of joint/marginal distributions. It's my weakest conceptual area as I pursue the actuary exams, and I want to fully understand this on a more statistical level.

    I've taken linear/diff-eq/multivariate, so I'm completely comfortable with the integration and other menial work involved, but I feel like I am lacking in the area of visualizing the distribution, and therefore am incorrectly identifying the limits needed. I'm used to looking at a shape and identifying the limits that way or being given the limits flat-out.

    So for ƒ(x,y), what are the best visualizations you've got for:
    ƒx(x), ƒy(y), ƒ(X|Y=y), and ƒ(Y|X=x), given 0 < x < y < 1 or x>0, y>0.

    (I've seen the marginals represented using Σp(x,y), but anything will help!)
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