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Studying Best way to cram for my physics exam tomorrow?

  1. Jun 17, 2016 #1
    Should I go through my lectures or just do practice questions, or just watch youtube vids? What's the best way to study for physics? I'm a year one university student.

    I haven't studied because I've been prioritising other subjects.
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    Go through the lecture, read the textbook, but mostly do as many exercises as possible.

    Watching YouTube is the last thing you want to do. You need to be active, not passive.
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    Thanks my man!
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    If your exam is tomorrow, then you're asking this too late.
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    I had missed that, as it was in the thread title. Indeed, it's too late to do anything significant.
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    Pray to every deity, and hope that one works.
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    Your best bet is to study like you've never studied before, then use the knowledge you've gained to build a time capsule, and go back to about a month ago.

    Seriously though, just do problems. Lots of them.
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    If I were to bet on the outcome of your final exam, my bet would be on a failing grade for the exam.

    Since the priority has been your other classes, the cost of that decision is a low or failing grade in this class.
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