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A test or examination (informally, exam or evaluation) is an educational assessment intended to measure a test-taker's knowledge, skill, aptitude, physical fitness, or classification in many other topics (e.g., beliefs). A test may be administered verbally, on paper, on a computer, or in a predetermined area that requires a test taker to demonstrate or perform a set of skills.
Tests vary in style, rigor and requirements. There is no general consensus or invariable standard for test formats and difficulty. Often, the format and difficulty of the test is dependent upon the educational philosophy of the instructor, subject matter, class size, policy of the educational institution, and requirements of accreditation or governing bodies.
A test may be administered formally or informally. An example of an informal test is a reading test administered by a parent to a child. A formal test might be a final examination administered by a teacher in a classroom or an IQ test administered by a psychologist in a clinic. Formal testing often results in a grade or a test score. A test score may be interpreted with regards to a norm or criterion, or occasionally both. The norm may be established independently, or by statistical analysis of a large number of participants.
A test may be developed and administered by an instructor, a clinician, a governing body, or a test provider. In some instances, the developer of the test may not be directly responsible for its administration. For example, Educational Testing Service (ETS), a nonprofit educational testing and assessment organization, develops standardized tests such as the SAT but may not directly be involved in the administration or proctoring of these tests.

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  1. M

    I Help working on this example exam please

    Hi My grandson who is dyslexic and who I need to help sometimes has the attached example paper for an exam which is iminent. The lecturer has gone is unavailable and he seeks to try fnd a source for te answers. Its a shot in the dark but I wonder if anyone can help please? Thanks Martyn
  2. BvU

    Baffled by old school exam

    Book answer is ##\qquad a≥0\qquad x={ 7\over 9}\;a\ \ \lor\ \ x={ 13\over 14}\;a\ \ ##but I fail to see how to get there ! Stunned by an 1886 dutch high school exam exercise. Hats off for the 17 year olds that did it ! ##\ ##
  3. Mr X

    Other ISI entrance exam preparation

    I'm just done with 12th and I would like to prepare for the bmath entrance exam for ISI. I need some books to prepare and build the basics. So considering there's approximately an year to prepare, please give some good book suggestions that are not too rare and too hard to find in bookstores...
  4. neilparker62

    B Fundamental Problems With Exam Question: Moving Truck & Acceleration

    Is it just me or are there some fundamental problems with this exam question ? What is driving me bananas is you have a moving truck (constant velocity). Then the truck "accelerates" but the block in the back of the truck "stays in the same place". Does this mean relative to the ground...
  5. T

    Planning on studying math for the college entrance exam, help needed

    Hi, everyone! I'm preparing myself for the next year's college entrance exam, and I hope that 10-11 months of intensive study regime will be enough time for me to pass it. I would like your opinion on it to see if such a thing is possible and if there is anything that needs to be changed about...
  6. H

    A controversial question came in a Government job exam

    Here is the question : The examinees argued that that question is far too more general, and cannot be studied, the commission, which holds the exam, replied “Anyone who reads the newspaper everyday can easily solve that question”. I personally think that that question is not solvable by...
  7. P

    Quantum exam practice, operators and eigenstates

    I'm really not sure what the question expects me to do here but here is what I do know. If the state is an eigenstate it should satisfy the eigenvalue equation for example; $$\hat{H} f_m^l = \lambda f_m^l$$ but is the question asking me to use each operator on each state? How do I know if...
  8. shuumi

    Stuck in a question from exam -- Car decelerating to avoid hitting an obstacle

    i tried but i wasn't able, maybe i choose the wrong formulas in the wrong time.
  9. Farhan_MechE

    Testing How do you study for an exam if the professor who is taking this.......

    How do you study for an exam if the professor who is taking this course is completely new & recently joined the university.As a result you can't find out his exam formats by looking at his past exams. People who have faced similar situation how do you revise for you exam? Since time is...
  10. newbie1127

    A question about exam problems for Engineering students

    Summary:: hi everyone, i have always wondered whenever i am solving problems in preparation for exams, if other people see the problems that i encounter the same way i do. so, i decided i would write a post and collect perspectives. the way i see it exam problems can be classified in two...
  11. M

    Best way to distribute exam questions to students for a fair exam

    Without the extra restriction, the number of ways to do this is ##3!S ( 8, 3 )##: The Stirling number counts ways to distribute the different questions into three non-empty sets and the 3! accounts for the different ways to distribute the sets among the students. To construct the forbidden...
  12. D

    Sir Isaac Newton exam question

    I thought about using the snell’s law because it involves different refractive index but I have no idea why the wavelength would be affected by the snell’s law. I thought that maybe if I found the frequency I might be able to get the wavelength but, I don’t know which formula I should use. I...
  13. shivajikobardan

    I think I am victimized by exam copy checkers

    I had microprocessors and interfacing exam. Yes it is considered toughest subject, but I learned it very properly. I learned it from NOT reference books BUT other good books. I followed lots and lots of books for it tbh. And EMC was also part of it(electromagnetic compatibility). I got only 40...
  14. bluesteels

    Exam Prep: Electric Field - Is It Zero?

    I'm having an exam soon so i want to make sure. Is the electric field here zero?? cause if i draw gauss surface covering both of them they should cancel out or am i wrong.
  15. A

    Facts about waves - UK BMAT exam question

    To me, they all look incorrect. Oh hang on. Ultrasonic waves. I misread that. It's no 6 then.
  16. shivajikobardan

    MHB Revise for AI Exam: Tips on Memorization & Yoga/Meditation

    I am studying artificial intelligence for exam and came to a point where I need to revise everything I stuided. It ofc takes more effort in brain than learning the concept watching tutorials and reading blog posts as you need to memorize it(for exam). Any guidance, on how to crack this position...
  17. H

    In search of a non-linear way to prepare students for this unique exam

    Suppose there is an exam of maths, for a particular service, whose syllabus is of Bachelor of Science: Maths level, i.e. the syllabus includes (exhaustively) Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Calculus, Vector Calculus, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial...
  18. hackerbot4545

    Testing What are effective ways to predict exam questions from class lectures?

    What are effective ways to predict exam questions from class lectures in university exams? How do I understand the mindset of the lecturer & find out important topics/questions he may give in the exam? So I have semester exams nearby. The syllabus is huge & I don't have enough time to study...
  19. shivajikobardan

    MHB Studying AI for College Exam: Tips for Aspies

    I am studying AI for college exam. https://www.ioenotes.edu.np/ioe-syllabus/ioe-syllabus-artificial-intelligence-ai-378 The thing is here I am totally on my own as I don't have teacher due to some random reason. Even if I had, they were worst so it doesn't matter I have teacher or not. I have...
  20. shivajikobardan

    How do I level up my brain? (Studying AI for college exam)

    I am studying AI for college exam. https://www.ioenotes.edu.np/ioe-syllabus/ioe-syllabus-artificial-intelligence-ai-378 The thing is here I am totally on my own as I don't have teacher due to some random reason. Even if I had, they were worst so it doesn't matter I have teacher or not. I have...
  21. hagopbul

    Looking for YouTube playlists

    Hello : i was looking into youtube the other day and watching some lectures , but start to wonder if there is a playlist for exercise solving on youtube for example for undergraduate math and physics ? do anyone knows of such channels or playlists ? Best Regards Hagop
  22. P

    Having trouble deducing 4 organic structures (High school exam qn)

    Summary:: Please see picture below The dotted line at Test 3 means to continue using the above solution, and add NaOH with the teat pipette. The dotted line separating tests 3 and 4 should be a hard line, which means to use a fresh sample of FA10 and perform the test. It is also known that...
  23. S

    Previous university exam problem on refraction (that I think is wrong)

    This is a question on a past exam at university. The answer was provided (for revision purposes and exam preparation) but I never understood it and it continues to frustrate me because even if I can't come up with the right answer to a problem, I'll at least 'get' (understand) the proper answer...
  24. B

    Hard thermodynamics high school question from an entrance exam in India for colleges

    as the process has been given as an adiabatic one, dQ=0, further attempt is given in the attached files, but the problem is I got X=1 while the official key states it to be X=2.05, could anyone explain why
  25. rocky4920

    Physics Praxis Exam Help and Resources

    Hello, I have been having trouble successfully passing the Physics Praxis 5265 Exam. I am a high school biology teacher and have 30 college credits in Physics. My district wants me to teach Physics and I need to get my certification. Once I pass the praxis I will be able to teach. I have...
  26. S

    Why a normal distribution is not a good approximation for these exam scores?

    I am not really sure what the reason is but my argument would be if normal distribution is appropriate, then almost all the score will fall in the range of μ - 3σ to μ + 3σ For this case, the range of μ - 3σ to μ + 3σ is 26.6 to 118.4 and all the score is unlikely to be within the range. I...
  27. FourEyedRaven

    Mathematics Reviews and Exam Preps Playlist

    This playlist on YouTube contains mathematics reviews and exam preparations for school and university mathematics. It's useful for people preparing for exams or reviewing mathematics from previous years. Topics include: Prealgebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Precalculus, SAT...
  28. Purpleshinyrock

    Scholarship exam exercise about complex numbers - Can't solve

    Hello, I have this (I am solving scholarship exams)math problem and I don't quite know what to do with it , Could You please help? The exercise is about complex numbers and it says: Calculate in the algebraic form(a+bi) I thought on applying substitution since -1=i^2 and z is the real part but...
  29. N

    MHB Exam Scores

    The table shows the mathematics entrance test scores x and the final examination scores y in an algebra course for a sample of 10 students. x...22 29 35 40 44 48 53 58 65 76 y...53 74 57 66 79 90 76 93 83 99 (a) Sketch a scatter plot of the data. (b) Find the entrance test score of any...
  30. M

    Combinations: exam question distribution

    I think the idea is to first count the number of ways the questions are passed out without restrictions and then subtract the number of ways the two easy questions are together. Call each student ##s_1,s_2,s_3##. We know their total number of questions is 8, so ##s_1+s_2+s_3 = 8 : s_1,s_2,s_3 >...
  31. B

    Find an Interesting Topic in Graph Theory for an Exam

    Hello everybody, I hope it is the right section to post. For an exam, I should delve into a topic concerning graph theory. My work should include theoretical explanation, pseudo code, correctness analysis, complexity analysis and code implementation (C ++, python or other). Could someone...
  32. uberinferno

    Collision (Task help for medicine entry exam)

    I am guessing you have to find the speed at which the lighter ball moves and then to use the formula for kinetic energy, which I've tried but I'm not getting it quite right. We got m1=5kg v1=3,5kg m2=2.5kg v2=0 v1prim=? v2prim=? Ek=? How do you get the speed of the lighter ball after collision...
  33. karush

    MHB 3.3.2 AP Calculus Exam interval from f'(x)

    screen shot to avoid typos OK the key said it was D I surfed for about half hour trying to find a solution to this but $f'(0)$ doesn't equal any of these numbers $e^0=\pm 1$ from the $e^{(x^2-1)^2}$ kinda ?
  34. karush

    MHB S8.7.2.1 AP calculus Exam (typo problem)

    ok I thot this was just observation to get b. but maybe not I saw some rather hefty substations to get different answers
  35. karush

    MHB 4.2.5 AP Calculus Exam IBP

    $\tiny{4.2.5}$ $\displaystyle\int^1_0{xe^x\ dx}$ is equal to $A.\ \ {1}\quad B. \ \ {-1}\quad C. \ \ {2-e}\quad D.\ \ {\dfrac{e^2}{2}}\quad E.\ \ {e-1}$ ok I think this is ok possible typos but curious if this could be solve not using IBP since the only variable is x
  36. karush

    MHB 2.1.4 AP calc exam graph properties

    screenshot to avoid typos I picked B just could see the others as definite insights?
  37. karush

    MHB 4.2.1 AP calc exam another int with e

    Evaluate $\displaystyle\int\dfrac{e^{2x}}{1+e^x} \, dx=$ $a.\quad \tan^{-1}e^x+C$ $b.\quad 1+e^x-\ln(1+e^1)+C$ $c.\quad x-x+\ln |1+e^x|+C$ $d.\quad e^x+\frac{1}{(e^x+1)^2}+C$ $e.\quad {none}$ ok I was going to use $u=1+e^x\quad du=e^x dx$ but maybe not best btw I tried to use...
  38. A

    MHB Good day, Exam Integrals: volume and area

    1#Find the area of the region, enclosed by: 2#Find the area of the region bounded by: 3#in the region limited by: find the solid volume of revolution that is generated by rotating that region about the x axis
  39. karush

    MHB 1.6.1 AP Calculus Exam Limits with L'H

    $\displaystyle\lim_{x \to 0}\dfrac{1-\cos^2(2x)}{(2x)^2}=$ by quick observation it is seen that this will go to $\dfrac{0}{0)}$ so L'H rule becomes the tool to use but first steps were illusive the calculator returned 1 for the Limit
  40. karush

    MHB 2.4.3 AP Calculus Exam Integration limits

    by observation I choose (c) since the limit values may not be =
  41. karush

    MHB 1.8.2 AP Calculus Exam IVT

    I thot I posted this before but couldn't find it ... if so apologize Let f be a function that is continuous on the closed interval [2,4] with $f(2)=10$ and $f(4)=20$ Which of the following is guaranteed by the $\textbf{Intermediate Value Theorem?}$ $a.\quad f(x)=13 \textit{ has a least one...
  42. karush

    MHB 4.1.1 AP calculus Exam Int with U substitution

    Evaluate $\displaystyle\int{\dfrac{{(1-\ln{t})}^2}{t} dt=}$ $a\quad {-\dfrac{1}{3}{(1-\ln{t})}^3+C} \\$ $b\quad {\ln{t}-2\ln{t^2} +\ln{t^3} +C} \\$ $c\quad {-2(1-\ln{t})+C} \\$ $d\quad {\ln{t}-\ln{t^2}+\dfrac{(\ln{t^3})}{3}+C} \\$ $e\quad {-\dfrac{(1-\ln{t^3})}{3}+C}$ ok we can either expand...
  43. P

    E&M Exam Question, I want to know what I did wrong

    (the second attached file)
  44. karush

    MHB 4.1.306 AP Calculus Exam Area under Curve

    $\textsf{What is the area of the region in the first quadrant bounded by the graph of}$ $$y=e^{x/2} \textit{ and the line } x=2$$ a. 2e-2 b. 2e c. $\dfrac{e}{2}-1$ d. $\dfrac{e-1}{2}$ e. e-1 Integrate $\displaystyle \int e^{x/2}=2e^{x/2}$ take the limits...
  45. karush

    MHB 1.8.3 AP calculus exam. IVT

    Ok I thot I posted this before but after a major hunt no find Was ? With these options since if f(x) Is a curve going below the x-axis Is possible and () vs [] If this is a duplicate post What is the link.. I normally bookmark these Mahalo ahead
  46. A

    Want to take the PE Mechanical exam

    Summary:: Passed the FE, ready to take the PE. Hello, I had recently passed the FE exam, ready to start studying for the PE Mechanical exam. Does anyone recommend any specific study material? I just recently purchased the PE Mechanical reference textbook and looking into purchasing some study...
  47. karush

    MHB -gre.al.1 GRE Exam Integers Product of two integers is -48 but their sum is a positive number

    ok I don't don't know de jure on this so ... is it just plug and play?? find factors of -48 $-1(48)=-48$ $-2(24)=-48$ $-3(16)=-48$ $-4(12)=-48$ $-6(8)=-48$ check sums for positive number $-1+48=47$ $-2+24=22$ $-3+16=13$ $-4+12=8$ $-6+8=2$ it looks like c. 5
  48. karush

    MHB 4.5.1 AP Calculus Exam .... area of piece wise funcion

    ok well it isn't just adding the areas of 2 functions but is $xf(x)$ as an integrand Yahoo had an answer to this but its never in Latex so I couldn't understand how they got $\dfrac{7}{2}$
  49. karush

    MHB *gre.al.9 GRE Exam Inequality with modulus or absolute value

    given $|y+3|\le 4$ we don't know if y is plus or negative so $y+3\le 4 \Rightarrow y\le 1$ and $-(y+3)\le 4$ reverse the inequality $ y+3 \ge -4$ then isolate y $y \ge -7$ the interval is $-7 \le y \le 1$
  50. karush

    MHB 2.7.2 AP Calculus Exam .... distance traveled estimate

    https://www.physicsforums.com/attachments/9542 ok all I did was count squares so about 21