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Beyond the Big Bang (Springer Press 2007) Rudy Vaas

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    Does anyone have information about a book by Rudy Vaas supposed to come out this year, called Beyond the Big Bang.

    The publisher is Springer Verlag.

    Vaas is Philosophy of Science professional who doubles as science journalist: writing popular articles for Bild der Wissenschaft (analogous to SciAm).

    For example SLAC/Stanford library has this about a Vaas piece in Bild. Wiss. of June 2006.

    What was before the big bang? (In German)
    R. Vaas . 2006. 2pp.
    Published in Bild.Wiss.2006N6:42-43,2006.

    Vaas has written extensively about quantum gravity and Ashtekar has posted English translations of several Vaas articles at his website.
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