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Book sales news item: Beyond the Big Bang

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    This book goes on sale 1 July. If it is widely sold and widely read it will mark an historic watershed. It will indicate that we have gotten away from the idea of the big bang as a BEGINNING. I expect to watch the sales figures and I think it is relevant to understanding the broad field of Beyond the Standard Model physics---and having a perspective on it.

    The book has about 20 authors, experts in quantum cosmology and related fields. The editor is R. Vaas. Here is the Amazon review:

    Beyond the Big Bang: Prospects for an Eternal Universe

    by RĂ¼diger Vaas (Editor)
    List Price: $89.95

    The Big Bang model is now both theoretically and empirically well established. However, the very beginning of our universe still remains mysterious. General Relativity breaks down at very small spatio-temporal scales and at high energy densities. That is why Quantum Cosmology is needed. Recent developments open up the exciting new prospect of going "beyond" the Big Bang and even finding a physical explanation for it. Surprisingly, the ancient idea of a past-eternal universe is being revived, and fascinating new approaches are also being developed. This book provides an up-to-date overview of the competing scenarios in cosmology and discusses their foundations, implications, and philosophical aspects. It gathers original contributions from the world's leading researchers in Quantum Cosmology, who describe their own work and results in a manner understandable even to non-specialists.

    If this book goes over big (in the academic book market---it is not for general audience)---it will help put Quantum Cosmology on the map and challenge the notion of the big bang as an unexplained instant of creation.

    The Amazon sales rank of this book, two months ahead of its publication date, is currently around 2 million.

    Is mentioning this sort of information appropriate and welcome in this subforum?
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    It's interesting to know, yes.
    I posted some comments about books in the Particle Physics subforum a while ago (without talking about sales figures but just commenting on some books) and my thread was moved to the Advanced Physics Learning Material subforum. So maybe it belongs there.
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    What is likely to be the required background level for a reader of this book?
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    There was an article on the arXiv today, entitled Birth of the universe from the multiverse that states it is a chapter from this book: http://arxiv.org/abs/0809.3623
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