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Beyond the Standard Model-at the Paris ICHEP

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    I do not think that the following was presented as a live video.


    Vanishing Dimensions and Planar Events at the LHC


    14:20 - 14:35
    Room: Salle 242B

    At short distances, the dimensions of space vanish one- by-one:
    –at the intermediate scale, space is 3-dimensional
    –at scales ~1 TeV-1 space is effectively 2-dimensional
    –at even shorter distances (e.g., in the Big Bang) it is 1- dimensional
    Conversely, at large distances, the dimensionality increases; at very large distances space is effectively
    You can find 26 papers by LANDSBERG, Greg at

    and 7 papers at spires
    http://www.slac.stanford.edu/spires/find/hep/www?rawcmd=ea+Landsberg,+Greg [Broken]
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    Now for something more mainstream.

    You can get a preview of a summary by looking at the slides that have been posted.

    Here is the time table for monday.
    http://indico.cern.ch/conferenceTimeTable.py?confId=73513&ttLyt=room#20100726.detailed [Broken]

    Here are two interesting presentations.

    The Physics of top, W and Z
    SHABALINA, Elizaveta (II. Physikalisches Institut, Universität Göttingen)

    A critical overview of electro-weak symmetry breaking
    CSAKI, Csaba (Cornell University)
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