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Big Bang supposedly set matter and energy

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    The Big Bang supposedly set matter and energy (the four known forces) in ‘motion’ causing ‘events’. A simple example: elements of the electroweak force holds an egg on the surface of a table while the mass of the Earth warps space and accelerates the egg while pulling it towards the center of the Earth. The sun warms the air which causes wind which pushes the egg off the table and it splats on the floor. Or something like that… you get the idea. These events take place because of physics.

    The longer I study cosmology and quantum physics and despite reading a growing amount of material on the subject… the more that I see… no reason, value, proof or purpose for overlaying what seems more and more like an imaginary construct over the natural procession of events. Perhaps someone can help me out here for I’ve lost my belief in ‘time’. There’s more…

    I’ve read that ‘time’ proceeds slower and faster depending on speed or the warping of space – no, the physical events of the universe proceed at different speeds. I’ve read that physics is transparent to the ‘arrow’ of time – that if the atoms of that spattered egg could be sent back at the exact reversed angle and speed that the egg would come back together, rise to the table edge and roll back to where it started. This is probably mostly a true statement but what physical law would launch those atoms (or does ‘gravity’s force reverse with so called reversal time’s arrow) and what law of physics would bind the broken shell back together?

    In fact it seems to me that if ‘time’ did exist, then physics would not exist because if time does exist that means that there is the possibility that it can stop and what physical laws and forces would we have then? It means that there is the possibility that times direction can reverse and as discussed above, that means that our physical laws go whacko and broken symmetries can rebind -- not to mention that the 2nd law of thermodynamics is broken.

    The physical forces move forward on their own, they don’t need time. However…

    Every ‘far better mind’ than my own absolutely believes that ‘time’ exists so, I must be missing something. Help me out here. Give me one reason, test, or principle that indicates that there is such a thing as TIME.

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    Re: Time

    Time does exist, but it is not conserved. That makes it not less real, but in many situations less useful to talk about. Yes, if time were reversed things would change, our physical laws 'going whacko'. But time is not conserved.

    What (as per our current understanding) actually ends up being conserved is CPT, which stands for charge, parity, time. What CPT conservation means is that if every charge were reversed (all matter becomes antimatter) all momenta reversed (the universe is a mirror image of itself) and time is reversed, the laws of the universe are invariant and such a universe would be indistinguishable from our own.
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