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B What if we weren't the only Big Bang

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    What if we weren't the only big bang that happened in our universe? I don't know much about quantum physics and I won't claim to be anything more than someone who enjoys making queries. However, when I think about the big bang, being the explosion that brought us into existence, I can't help but wonder. The riddle, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?", comes to mind when I think of the big bang. I wonder which came first, the fabric of the universe or the very matter that inhabits it, or both? I wouldn't think that matter would've existed before space and time, but was the big bang responsible for only creating matter or was it also the beginning of the temporal flow of time and the creation of the spacial laws that we know today?

    Let's say that the big bang was only responsible for matter coming into existence, and that time and space already existed. So what if a different big bang had happened at a different point of time or space than our own? Could there be multiple groups of matter that came to be and continue to exist outside the walls of our documented observable universe? Would the matter created by other big bangs be the same as what was forged in our own, following the same laws of physics that we know. What if it didn't, existing or behaving entirely different? What if the matter followed a different set of laws that we just don't know about that pertains to its universal properties or because it simply lies at a certain point of time and space in the universe? The very idea of multiple big bangs is very interesting to me and I hope also to you. It creates a lot of questions on how a universe such as this could exist.

    Hope you found this interesting and please reply with your own interpretations of this idea or explanations of why this can or cannot be possible.
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    That's not what the Big Bang model actually says. Spacetime and the quantum fields of the Standard Model (which are what "we" are ultimately made of) existed before the Big Bang--that is, before the hot, dense, rapidly expanding state that is the earliest state of the universe of which we have reliable knowledge. Our best current model says that that state was preceded by an era of inflation.

    Neither. See above.

    You need to rethink your understanding in the light of the above. (Please also review the PF rules on personal speculations. PF discussions should be limited to current mainstream science, based on textbooks or peer-reviewed papers.)
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    Then we would exist in a cyclic universe.
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    My apologies, but thanks anyway for the response, very enlightening.
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