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Big Freeze: Entropy or Dark Energy?

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    I'm interested in the ultimate fate of the universe. And it seems that the most prevalent theory is the Big Freeze.

    From what I can gather the BF is caused by dark energy making the universe expand to the point that stars can no longer form, resulting in cold dark space filling the universe.

    But then how does entropy play a part? It seems like DE beat entropy to the finishing line.....

    Or do the two processes go hand in hand in killing the universe??
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    Dark energy causes things to happen and entropy is the result of things happening so I don't even really understand your question since you seen to be treating entropy as causative.
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    Well, according to the second law of thermodynamics, when energy is used; some of it gets evenly spread out throughout the universe; no matter how small it is. Eventually all the energy will be evenly spread out throughout the universe. This is a problem because we need an imbalance of energy so that useful work and life can occur. Entropy plays a big role in this. Entropy, how disorderly something is, is at the highest when things evenly spread out. If Dark Energy doesn't get us, we will eventually experience something called "Heat Death"
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    You're right, I got confused. I should have said the second law of thermodynamics. Thanks

    Thanks, that answers my question.
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