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Medical Biological limits to a Human's G - What's the limit?

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    Hello. I've always wondered about the limit to Human's ability to think complexly, and what would be incorporated in that ability to think in such complicated terms. The general measurement used to quantify this is usually the IQ test, which is a measurement that depends solely on one's relative performance to the normed sample. But what I'm asking about is the G factor, regardless of one's relative G to another's. Is there a biological limit to one's 'G', or cognitive ability, and can it be accurately estimated? In the strictest sense, it would seem impossible for someone's G to be "infinite" since the concept itself is defined finitely, so there has to be a limit - But what are the bio/neuro-logical limits on this G factor, and can this 'maximum' G factor limit be approximated using academia's current understanding of neurology?
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    I know the search feature is not working properly, but please at least check a few pages in a forum for related topics before posting. This topic has been discussed before, and a similar one just a few posts down from yours has just been locked, as will this one since it is redundant with previous threads.

    Two of the most recent threads are still open. Please read those for the answer to your question, and continue the discussion, if necessary, in the already existing threads rather than start a new one.



    And, welcome to PF.
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