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Biology is the scientific study of life. It is a natural science with a broad scope but has several unifying themes that tie it together as a single, coherent field. For instance, all living organisms are made up of cells that process hereditary information encoded in genes, which can be transmitted to future generations. Another major theme is evolution, which explains the unity and diversity of life. Finally, all living organisms require energy to move, grow, and reproduce, as well as to regulate their own internal environment.Biologists are able to study life at multiple levels of organization. From the molecular biology of a cell to the anatomy and physiology of plants and animals, and evolution of populations. Hence, there are multiple subdisciplines within biology, each defined by the nature of their research questions and the tools that they use. Like other scientists, biologists use the scientific method to make observations, pose questions, generate hypotheses, and perform experiments to learn about the world around them.Life on Earth, which emerged more than 3.7 billion years ago, is immensely diverse. Biologists have sought to study and classify the various forms of life, from prokaryotic organisms such as archaea and bacteria to eukaryotic organisms such as protists, fungi, plants, and animals. These various living organisms contribute to the biodiversity of an ecosystem, where they play specialized roles in the cycling of nutrients and energy.

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  1. Pythagorean

    Biological culture and cultural biology

    Curious if there's a good keyword or named discipline for these kinds of questions: To what extent does biology determine culture? For example, if you took two cultures, one raised by the sea and another in the mountains, then rewound and switched places, how much would their culture simply...
  2. DaveC426913

    How fast does biological chemistry happen?

    I've seen this before, but it boggles my mind when I try to put it in the context of a boxer practicing his jabs. Just how fast are these individual reactions occurring? (Did I get he right GIF? It's supposed to be the one of muscles contracting.)
  3. BWV

    Biological model of Alzheimer’s based upon fabricated research

    Sad if true https://www.science.org/content/article/potential-fabrication-research-images-threatens-key-theory-alzheimers-disease
  4. MarkTheQuark

    I Biological examples of a Biot-Savart law in magnetostatics?

    Hello everyone, So, I was wondering, the Biot-savart show us a magnetic field created by a constant electric current. Initially I thought that an example would be biological systems with a nervous system that works on the basis of electrical discharges, but I don't think it's a valid example...
  5. BillTre

    Biological Info: Understanding & Analyzing

    "Biological Information" is a common concept in some parts of biology. It most often (in my experience) is used to refer to the sequence information in nucleic acids (nucleotide sequences in RNA and DNA) and in proteins (amino acid sequences in proteins). This is most apparent in the flow of...
  6. J

    What biological systems can be simulated with exaflops computers?

    Summary:: Fugaku's supercomputer is 442 PetaFlops fast, what can we simulate with it? So the most powerful supercomputer in these days is 0.4 exaflops fast. I assume we can simulate precisely the interaction between simple atoms, small molecules but... What is the limit? Could we simulate a...
  7. AryaKimiaghalam

    A Interface between Biological Physics and Quantum Physics

    Are there areas of studies which could be characterized as an interface of biological physics and quantum physics? Does such an interface even exist?
  8. A

    A Photo-degradation of a biological sample

    What the group thoughts are in relation to an experiment in which 520 nm monochromatic light will strike a biological sample, which it is not flat (most like resembling an arc) and can photo-bleach over time. Would irradiance (mW/cm2) or dose (mJ/cm2) be more appropriate to carry on studies on...
  9. G

    Possibilities of being able to break known biological limitations

    Hello, so to give some background context to my question, I was playing around with thought puzzles in my head about the many-worlds interpretation of quantum and the notion that all possible variants would come about. I ended up arriving at a place where I wondered if it were possible for the...
  10. Greg Bernhardt

    Biological Agent Phosphine Found on Venus

    Paper https://www.nature.com/articles/s41550-020-1174-4
  11. hagopbul

    I Biological solid state physics

    Hello all: I was wondering are we have a name for protein structure , or we consider them amorphous? Any one did a phono propagation in protein molecules ? Protein folding and phonons any relationship? When peptides came together and start to form the protein dose phonons/photon propagation...
  12. A

    Biological to electrical/mechanical interface with artificial augmentation

    Ok, so I somewhat randomly saw a recent video made by VICE about people with severe disabilities being treated with the help of modern bio-technology, the part at the second half of the video made me watch in awe as I found it hard to understand. Here is the video The questions I would have...
  13. Solitos

    Is a Biological Principle a Scientific Law?

    Hi. My understanding was that a scientific theory and law complement each other. There is a guy at work that insists that a theory with more evidence becomes a law. Recently he cited an article that said that a theory that has been repeatedly verified and appears to have a wide applicability in...
  14. B

    The Effect Of Biological Immortality On Technology And Society

    Humans die because it's part of our makeup. From birth till death our expiration date is waiting for us. Scifi aliens need not be mortal, even though they are more often than not a proxy for specific human attitudes and behaviors. So here is the question, what effect does biological...
  15. T

    B Why are Biological Materials easily broken despite being very strong?

    I just wanted to ask something that's being bugging me for quite a while now, if you don't mind. In standard testing, Biological Materials often are found to have impressive strength characteristics, for example, both Type I Collagen, the supporting protein of muscle (And I think Skin as well)...
  16. Eagle9

    Advice Needed: 3D Programs for Biological Simulations

    Good day! I need your advice in computer graphics :smile: I have been studying and working in Autodesk 3ds Max for years, mainly for my pleasure. Now I want/need to study some new 3D program in CG, however not for just fun but for science. Particularly I need such program that enables showing...
  17. C

    Courses Graduate level Mathematics courses of interest for Biological Physics

    I am an incoming graduate student in Theoretical Physics at Universiteit Utrecht, and I struggle to make a choice for one of my mathematical electives. I hope someone can help me out. My main interests lie in the fields of Statistical Physics, phase transitions and collective and critical...
  18. F

    Why do we need to supply energy to a biological body to keep entropy decreasing?

    Why when we supply energy for biological body then the body can keep entropy not increase?Because we know that by definition temperature equals partial derivative of internal energy to entropy.So that when temperature being constant,if internal energy increase(supplying energy for body) then...
  19. BillTre

    David Goodsell, Biological Illustrator

    Here is an interesting Science mag news article about David Goodsell, who makes popular, accurate, and informative illustrations of biological subjects at the level of cellular components to molecules and atoms (when possible). To me, this is one of the most interesting levels of analysis in...
  20. P

    Programs Can one conduct interdisciplinary work as a biological psych researcher?

    I am a undergraduate in a non clinical psychology with a special focus in evolutionary psychology, human nature, and personality. I will keep it short and sweet: - What restrictions are on me as a biological psychologist compared to that of a biologist in terms of conducting research? - Can I...
  21. BillTre

    Biological Hacking of Computers

    I didn't know whether to put this in Biology and Medical or in Programing and Computer Science so I am putting it in General Discussion. This article from Wired describes U. of Washington group that has produced a piece of DNA that when sequenced in a particular sequencing machine can produce a...
  22. wolram

    Biological Warfare: Should We Stop it?

    I think this kind of science should be stopped, what do you think? https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/10/181009102511.htm
  23. BillTre

    Stinkbug Biological Control Goes Wild

    The brown marmorated stinkbug (Halyomorpha halys) is an introduced plant pest from Asia that has invaded parts of the US (first seen in 1998), Europe, and perhaps other places. Since it was introduced without its natural predators and can feed off a variety of crops plants it has done quite...
  24. P

    Is suicide a biological misfiring or defect?

    The more I learn about biology and human nature, the less sense contemplated and executed suicide makes. Especially non religous. What accounts for suicides concidering we are supposed to be hard-wired to survive at all costs, and are equipped with instincts to accommodate that goal?
  25. P

    T-Cell Loss and Mortality: A Critical Examination

    Can a percentage of total and immediate (hypothetical sub 1 second) T-Cell loss cause death to a typical adult? What percentage of hypothetical immediate loss would yield rapid death under 1 minute? What would the most likely cause of death be? What size is a typical T-Cell in µM^3 ? Is...
  26. D

    How does corrective treatment of lymphedema help lymph flow?

    Homework Statement Produce an detailed understandsing of the anatomy and function of the lymphatic system, using correct scientific terminology to explain the rationale for use of corrective treatment for lymphedema. Homework Equations N/A The Attempt at a Solution Lymphatic edema is the...
  27. D

    How does Hodgkin's lymphoma affect the lymphatic system?

    Homework Statement How does Hodgkin's lymphoma effect the "normal" function of the lymphatic system? Homework Equations N/A The Attempt at a Solution After research I have found out that HL casues lymph nodes to become inflames. I have concluded HL causes lymph fluid to get blocked at lymph...
  28. J

    What are the various interests within the field of Quantum Neurology/Biology?

    Interests are many. Bioinformatics, self organizing systems, sociology/history, military technology, communications, echo-location, echo-linguistic’s, and other areas.
  29. FlimFlam

    Grass Death Under Power Lines: EMF's a Factor?

    So I was messing with the induction from power lines and fluorescent bulbs, and I noticed all the plants under the power lines were dead but plants around it were fine. Do EMF's have something to do with this?
  30. J

    Software for Drawing biological processes & systems

    Looking for software for drawing biological processes and pathways between cells or even tissues. I have engineering/programming/control systems experience so I am looking for something similar in biology. The ability to define different things, different colors or shapes would be good, I...
  31. J

    Engineering Biotech and Biological Engineering career prospects

    I am finishing my Biomedical Engineering BS next semester but I want to learn more about Molecular biology so I've decided to take a year or so in Molecular biology BS and get a better feel for it. Then going into either BioEngineering or Biotech. Which is better for job and salary outlook? I...
  32. FallenApple

    Can Bio Molecules Be Used to Create Supercomputers?

    Really interesting. Using bio molecules to perform computing. http://www.computerworld.com/article/3040707/computer-hardware/biological-supercomputer-uses-the-juice-of-life.html
  33. A Furious Potato

    Biosystems Eng.: pasteurization system for peanut butter

    Homework Statement In recent years, there have been several significant outbreaks and recalls associated with Salmonella in peanut butter. One company has designed a thermal pasteurization system to reduce pathogen risk in peanut butter, in which the peanut butter is pumped through a heating...
  34. Jimster41

    I Anybody here read Winfree "Geometry of Biological Time"?

    I'm not sure I'm following the whole intro chapter 1C "Phase Singularities of Maps". Is he saying that the existence of an oscillator somehow requires a singularity?
  35. Drakkith

    Non-Vital Biological Functions of Elements

    I was reading the wikipedia article on Lithium and noticed that it says: Trace amounts of lithium are present in all organisms. The element serves no apparent vital biological function, since animals and plants survive in good health without it, though non-vital functions have not been ruled...
  36. DiracPool

    The biological psychology of peripheral vision

    This happened to me a few years ago, probably starting in 2008. I'd be sitting at me computer or watching TV and suddenly something would shift my attention to a clock somewhere, either on the TV, on my computer, on my phone, or maybe even on some sort of clock related monitor in some public...
  37. A

    How Do Vortex States in Biological Magnets Impact Ferrimagnetic Behavior?

    Hi, I have been reading this fascinating paper here: http://www.nature.com/nmat/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nmat4484.html I'm struggling with some of the biophysics, and it would be great to get a discussion going. In particular, I was struggling with the statements where it says "The two...
  38. L

    Standard deviation for a biological assay

    Hi everyone, I have a basic question on statistics. Suppose you have a biological assay to test a given property of some molecules. At some point in time you have tested N different molecules M1, M2, ..., Mi, ..., MN, and for each you have repeated the test a number of times Ri. The results are...
  39. Priyadarshini

    Biological Sciences and Biomedical Sciences

    What is the difference between biological sciences and biomedical sciences? In biological sciences, is the main focus ecosystems, evolution etc or is the main focus human biology or zoology? Thanks!
  40. T

    Close biological analogs of money?

    With all a biological organism has to do in the way of allocating limited resources among lots of different parts that need them in a timely manner, I'm wondering if there are biological chemicals that are closely analogous to money. I've heard ATP referred to as the common currency of...
  41. V

    Do we need quantum mechanics to explain biological stuff?

    While I have to admit the question in its summarized version seems to be not very well defined (and naive, of an easy answer), so that I desire to at least make it sound less stupid. Or at least I hope. After reading all of this it might sound even worse though (no promises).I like reading about...
  42. Kior

    Timescale of the biological pump?

    I'm tying to find any clue about the timescale of the biological pump. That the carbon is recycled to the surface ca. 1,000 years is clear but the timescale of the biological pump seems hard to find. There is an report I saw when I was surfing the internet saying that the timescale can range...
  43. robbertypob

    Can biological processes be explained using physical laws?

    Do we understand how the physical laws of the universe created biology? How can we explain cell division, consciousness, evolution, as a product of matter operating in a universe governed by laws?
  44. SmokeyMTNJim

    Biological Machinery i.e. living pumps

    In my exercise physiology class we are discussing the amazing work that the human heart performs over a lifetime, even over a single day. My textbook says that the fluid output of the heart exceeds that of a household faucet turned wide open (Katch, McArdle, Katch). With the invention of the 3-D...
  45. L

    Error on biological assay results

    Hi everyone, I have a question about the error on certain biological results. Apologies for the long explanation, but it's not a trivial thing (at least, it isn't for me). This is what happens: 1. biologists take N solutions of a molecule at different concentrations (say from 10-10 to 10-5...
  46. H

    To physical scientist, what do you think of biological sciences?

    I majored in neuroscience and applied math in college and want to do computational neuroscience research long term. Being at the crossroads of biology and physical sciences, I think a lot about how the two "worlds" view each other. The lab I'm currently in has some people directly from the...
  47. EinsteinKreuz

    Can Intense X-Rays Cause Non-Stochastic Damage to Biological Structures?

    I'd like to know some specifics about the biological effects of X-rays on living tissue. I am aware that X-rays, along with other forms of ionizing radiation, have stochastic effects of DNA but what is the data regarding the non-stochastic effects of intense X-rays? In particular, can sufficient...
  48. M

    Succinct Definition of Biological Evolution

    Anyone exposed to academic rigor would find the use of the term "biological evolution" to be rather vague. There is something about Darwin and common descent and then it starts to get somewhat vague. Is there a definitive definition of "biological evolution"? I offer this in the spirit...
  49. Q_Goest

    Are there 2 different biological processes to provide muscle energy?

    I don’t jog much. In the past I’ve only gone up to about 2 miles. At that point it seems like I can’t go much further. I hit this ‘brick wall’ and I don’t have any energy left. I’ve never tried jogging much past about 2 miles. Last week, I went jogging for just over 8 miles though. It was...