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Bis-(dimethylglyoxime-nickel (II))

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    yeh basically im doing an experiment into ligand fields and paramagnetic effects, possible inter-relations etc... and i have a range of transition metals and have proceeded to make complex ions from them, however i wish to pass them through a spectrometer but clearly this can't be done if the ion in question doesn't dissolve... does anyone know of any solvent that i can use to dissolve bis-(dimethylglyoxime-nickel (II)), formula Ni[CH3C(NOH)C(NOH)CH3]2?? its really annoying me, so far i have tried water, ethanol, cyclohexane, 5mol/l hydrochloric acid, a chloroform substitute and 6mol/l ammonia solution... and none have worked, the only other option i can think of is diethyl ether but i feel that it won't work due to its organic nature...

    also out of interest, anyone know what would be formed if bis-(dimethylglyoxime-nickel (II)) reacted with hydrochloric acid because a colourless solution was formed and if im honest i dont have a clue what it was...

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    The Merck Index has it 'appreciably soluble' in absolute alcohol. Terrible waste of Absolut in my opinion, though...
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    hrmm yeh agreed.. thanks anyway though
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