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Bitmap/jpeg to vector convertor

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    Hello all,
    i am interested to know about a good free software to convert some jpeg image (usual plots/graphs) to a reasonable vector images..all these jpeg i take from science article..
    I tried with corel trace & inkscape but not completely satisfied.
    But vector magic is really good but not free..so i use the online free version..but it takes some time to convert...
    can someone help me in this conversion..
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    If I have to cut something out of a document, I usually make a screenshot from Acrobat Reader (very zoomed in, at like 800% or so) and then copy it to IrfanView where I store it as a PDF document again.
    It's not really vector vector, but as long as I don't print my document on A1 it works.

    If you have science articles that you find on arXiV, you can try downloading the TeX source there. Usually the images are included separately in the ZIP file as .eps or maybe even .pdf nowadays.
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    yes..always the dirty tricks works fine..
    that article is not published in arxiv..so i will try your 1st method..
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