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Black hole singularities and negative space-time

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    I wasn't sure where to put this, so astrophysics seems like a good bet?

    I'm only fourteen, but I'm incredibly interested in astrophysics, quantum mechanics, black holes and the like.

    I've read about naked singularities, that they can occur the black hole's charge is great enough and the two event horizons come close enough, they will disappear and leave the singularity out in the open.
    Apparently, it would be possible to travel through the singularity at this point, going by what I've read. I'm wondering, wouldn't the gravitational force crush you? Wouldn't you still get sucked in? What would the singularity look like, would it be invisible?

    As for negative space/space-time; I've seen the http://i36.tinypic.com/2v2csk6.gif", what exactly is negative space, is it the space inside of the singularity? What are its properties? Is it possible to get out? Also, what is a negative universe?

    What does space and time having infinite curvature mean?

    This is confusing.

    Some of the sites I've looked at:
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