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I Black holes and extra dimensions

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    We often hear about string theory requiring extra dimensions over and above our 4D spacetime. Does this shed any light on the singularity which is supposed to exist at the centre of a black hole? Does our normal spacetime simply join the other dimensions in their hidden (curled-up) form?
    This is probably nonsense, but if I don't ask I won't know for sure.
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    I've never heard any such suggestion. Why would it?

    I believe so, but I don't know much about that stuff.
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    String Theory and its offshoot, M-Theory, lead to extra dimensions and parallel universes. There is no proof of either. If the extra dimensions exist, they could be right around you, not just at black holes, and they could be large, not small, but they are inpenetrable by light or matter or electromagnetic waves; however, at black holes, it is postulated that high frequency gravity waves may be able to penetrate these higher order dimensions that lead to parallel (brane) universes. Just speculation , not theory, but Hawking is a big supporter of M-Theory, which he claims is the only candidate for a complete theory of the universe. As I understand it from my readings, otherwise, I don't know much more.
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    Thanks to both of you for your answers
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    Singularities in string theory, Edward Witten

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