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Homework Help: Blockk on a table with a pulley

  1. Oct 7, 2013 #1
    A 8.10-kg hanging object is connected by a light, inextensible cord over a light, frictionless pulley to a 5.00-kg block that is sliding on a flat table. Taking the coefficient of kinetic friction as 0.190, find the tension in the string.

    I don't know if my equations are right or where to go from here:
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    What does this mean?

    You have TWO forces acting on the horizontally lying block, the tension, which we will say drives the block in the positive x-direction, the friction in the negative.

    Furthermore, as block 2 accelerates DOWNWARDS, a direction you with gravity has said is in a negative direction, block 1 is accelerating equally in the positive x-direction. We call that common acceleration "a"

    Thus, we write:
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