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Suggestion Book reviews at the library?

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    I've been making some blogs on suggestions for math books (I only have one blog up at the moment, but more should be coming), and somehow I feel that this is an aspect that is missing from PF.

    To clarify: I would like a place in PF where we enter data for books and where everybody can then give their review on whether they liked the book or not, and what the problems were. That way, we can build a database filled with data of good science books and with reviews from PF-users.

    I know about the Science book forum (https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=21 ), but somehow I don't think that meets the purpose. I see the science book forum as a place where people can ask questions about which book they should read, etc. But not as a place to post reviews of books. Furthermore, the science book forum isn't alphabetically ordered like the library.

    So, my suggestion is to extend the library so we can also discuss science books there. This shouldn't be too difficult: just creating a new category on math book, physics book, etc. should do the trick.

    And yes: if such a functionality should exist, then I would certainly contribute to it.

    I hope my post is clear enough :tongue2:
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    Perhaps a Library section in Learning Materials, simply add a Book Review under the appropriate LM section.
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