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Book! Where to find famous maths books?

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    I have read a lot of mathematics history like S. Hollingdale's Maker's of Mathematics and pop-maths like Simon Singh's Fermat's Last Theorem etc. And from these I found references to other, historic/inspiring, mathematical works like Euclid's Elements and A Mathematician's Apology and so forth which I consequently read, but there is one work that I cannot find on the internet! I want a copy of Diophantus's Arithmatica, moreover I want a copy that has Fermat's commentaries in it...

    So my question is where can I find it?
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    Fermat' son Samuel published an edition of Diophantine's Arithmetica in 1670 after his father's death. This edition contained the text of the Arithmetica in the original Greek with a parallel translation in Latin. Fermat's commentaries are also printed in the text where presumably they were originally found. These commentaries are written in Latin. The edition on which Fermat made his comments was Bachet's, printed in 1621. The actual volume owned by Fermat is now lost, so the 1670 edition printed by his son is the earliest copy containing his father's notations.

    A copy of the actual section containing the famous Last Theorem can be seen here:

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    Very good, it is exactly the book I was looking for. But does that mean no one has translated Samule's publicationm to English?
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    IDK if anyone has translated the entire composite work. Certainly, the Arithmetica has been translated several times. As for Fermat's scribblings, I'm not sure.

    All of Fermat's surviving work was collected and printed in France (in French naturellement) more than a century ago. There is a more recent book about his mathematical career which was printed in 1994.


    Specifically, Refs. 26 and 35 at the end.
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