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Books on Wind Energy (offshore)

  1. Feb 4, 2012 #1
    I am doing research on on wind turbines and especially on offshore wind turbines for my MSc dissertation. My first degree is on electrical engineering so I have a basic knowledge on the matter I believe. I am looking for some books that can provide an in depth analysis on the aerodynamics, generators, power electronics etc. I have already found some books but they mainly refer to some basic concepts and configurations, what I want is for instance how 3rd harmonics affect the output signal etc. In addition to this I would like to know if there are books on the structure of the offshore wind turbines (civil engineering aspect), on which I have no grasp whatsoever.

    (I am mostly interested in the UK regulations)

    Any information will be much appreciated!

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    jim hardy

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    i dont know if these will help.

    http://aweastore.summitmg.com/aweastore/dept.asp?dept_id=6000 [Broken]

    i found AWEA's 'introduction to utility scale wind turbines' helpful start on electrical side,

    perhaps there's a similar one on your subject.
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    Thanks a lot for this. I actually have a couple of these books.
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