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Books similar to Penrose's Road to Reality

  1. May 28, 2013 #1
    I started reading Penrose's Road to Reality and really loving it so far. I am just curious - are there other books such as this that do not avoid necessary mathematics but is not really a textbook? I love this format. I also finished and liked Susskind's Theoretical Minimum (first volume - classical mechanics) which I also liked.
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    Thanks. Good suggestions! Will check them out. Keep them coming guys.
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    Doughty, Lagrangian Interaction: An Introduction To Relativistic Symmetry In Electrodynamics And Gravitation

    Oliver, The Shaggy Steed of Physics: Mathematical Beauty in the Physical World

    Zee's new Einstein's Gravity in a Nutshell.

    Chester, Primer of Quantum Mechanics. Odd but fascinating little book.

    I also recommend the Needham book.
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    Great Stuff! Thank you!!
    I do own Zee's gravity and the Chester QM - but yet to read them.

    So, why do you guys think all these books are similar to Penrose's?

    My amazon wish list is growing....
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