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Boom! Nuke films on YouTube

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    Here is a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory YouTube playlist of 64 recently declassified nuclear bomb test videos.
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    Thank you!
    Did you see Iran's nuclear test ?
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    Very cool, thanks for the link. Those are certainly racking up the view counts quickly.
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    The reason I hear was that someone was worried about the films deteriorating and that they were scattered all over in many different archives.

    On the other hand, Dr. Strangelove, a most awesome film.
    Now I don't worry, I just love the bomb.
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    The one titled "Operation Hardtack-1 - Nutmeg 51538" shows a test over the ocean (Bikini?). I see quite a few sea birds taking flight/fright after the explosion. I'm guessing those birds would all have been permanently blinded by the initial flash?
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    So cool. Thank you for your sharing. I found it really bad but also beautiful. :rolleyes:
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