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Popsicle Stick Bombs! have you seen these before?

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    I recently made a video called "Popsicle Stick Bombs: Cobra Weave And More Kinetic Fun!". This video is about the power of tension, potential, and kinetic energy. I hope that you enjoy, and please tell me whether you have heard of this concept before or have seen this on TV or in any other youtube videos. Thank you.
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    No video visible, just a black square. There is a video embed tool in the PF post editor.
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    Did that work?
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    Works for me. Where did you find all of these?
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    I found out about them a few years ago on youtube. I recently decided to make a video about the ones I know how to make.
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    Pretty cool. Knowing what you know about how those work, have you made any unique ones of your own? What are the basic principles at work with these? :smile:
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    Stephen Tashi

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    Let's see some with popsicle sticks dyed various colors - maybe a portrait of someone?
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    I have not made any unique ones, I am sorry to say. The basic principles are tension, potential energy, and explosive kinetic energy. Some people call it kinetic art.
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    I may actually die some stick, but a portrait is probably beyond me.
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    When I saw the title I thought of the simple Popsicle stick "bombs" we use to make as kids:
    (please excuse the rough rendering)

    You tossed them in the air and when they hit the floor, the sticks would "explode" off in different directions.
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    Yeah, we used to make these, and also the ones that are square, that take one or two more sticks.
  14. Apr 18, 2017 #13
    Those are the both in my video near the beginning. I also think that this are the oldest bombs.
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