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Homework Help: Bouyancy - throwing rock overboard

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    k in my advanced physics class 32S we are doing a project on buoyancy, one of the questions we have to answer is if you go out in a pool in a boat with a rock in it, then you throw the rock over board will the water level go up/down/stay the same. I am pretty sure that the water level will go up but do not know how to explain this, any help?

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    Welcome to the Forums Crusader,

    For future reference there are Homework forums dedicated to answering such questions.

    With respect to your question, it may be useful to consider Archimedes principle...
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    sry didnt read the forum rules, my bad, no one post here anymmore
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    think correctly about arquimedes principle as hootenanny stated. are you sure it will go up?
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