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Bragg equation to determine the lattice constants

  1. Nov 15, 2006 #1
    Does anyone have a link or know a website where there is a table of values of lattice constants for NaCl, LiF etc?

    I'm asking because I was supposed to be provided with a table of values for writing my lab report, but unfortunately the lecturer seemed to have got 'array'.

    Any help and information on this would be appreciated.
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    I googled both "lattice constant NaCl" and "lattice constant LiF" etc.

    I'm seeing the values pop up -- just do them one at a time.. and make sure that the values you find for each are consistent on a couple websites. Ex. I'm finding 5.65 angstroms for NaCl, and 4.03 angstroms for LiF. These seem to be common optical materials... and therefore made by a lot of materials people that are good at listing this info.
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