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Brain-controlled exoskeleton for teen to kickoff at World Cup

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    Don't know if that helps. (I fixed the title).
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    I expect him to walk slowly towards the ball and then touch it lightly with his foot (with a kick indistinguishable from a normal walking step), sending it 10 feet at a 45 degree angle from the direction he intended to kick it.

    Or he'll sprint on the field twice as fast as Usain Bolt, and boot the ball with a thunderous kick that will send it out of the stadium.

    Those are the only two options.
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    I hope they do plenty of test runs! (pun?)
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    Yep, lots of potential for emberassing failure, but could also be very interesting to see.
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    Well I personally think a BCI exoskeleton is a lot more interesting than soccer, whether it's primitive or not it (hopefully) heralds a new age.
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    I want a tail.
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    I have *so* many problems with this image. It was so bad it detracted from the rest of the article (and from the Washington Post article from whence this image was taken).

    1. Why are those three people all female? This is the 2014 Men's World Cup after all.
    2. Why isn't the kicker looking at the ball? That's a recipe for missing the kick.
    3. Why is the kicker smiling? This is game face time. The smile comes after successfully kicking the ball.
    4. What's with the pushup bras? The women in the 2015 Women's World Cup will not look like that.

    This is perhaps a bit ableist, but here's what female soccer players look like:

    Game face.

    Game faces and eyes on the ball.

    Game faces, eyes on the ball, and no pushup bras.
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    What's the worst that can happen - a Charlie Brown moment:surprised for stun struck audience, speachless commentators and researchers who will have a lot of explaining to do, and of course the kicker lying on his/her back and waving appendages like a beetle stuck upside down.
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    That's the same person with superimposed snapshots of different times. Graphic designers were probably all male (1).
    Probably a case of nerves...
    See (1)
    See (1).
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