Medical Brain transplant (Whole-body transplant ), feasibility, how and estimates when

  1. Connecting the blood supply and other organs are already completely possible. It is also possible to keep the brain alive for hours outside the body.

    Remaining concern is the spine and the 12(x2) nerves which connect to either side of the brain.

    The largest one of them all is the spine, the spine has 46 tracts

    I have read that people do forearm transplants and regain full nerve function (after 5 months), the brain works more like USB, but this is only months after, and our nerve reconnection technology, at least that used in practice is not that advanced to perfect it yet, in fact it's merely in it's stone age, yet it is taking huge steps as far as the articles i've read. Although many new improvements are being made every few months.

    Then there's organ printers, which could perhaps be used to scan a cross section of your spine and that of the donor (skydiver/ a body grown in an artificial womb), then ask the computer to grow a model that connects the nerves accurately so that you could go home the same day with full function. Harvard med head says that spinal cord nerves could be grown and even made completely genetically yours, within 10 years from now already, don't know how the printer will connect the nerves together though, however it happens naturally so we should be able to mimic it somehow, do we already know how?

    i am posting this because i think that if it were to be made feasible, that it would show t be the absolute greatest invention and benefit to man kind that had ever or even will ever be done. As this would grant us immortality and a quick cure to all diseases, aging and much more. Not only this but it would be of astronomical benefit to the economy and progress too.

    discuss :)
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    No, it would only buy you a bit more time if your body was malfunctioning. Don't forget, your brain will still grow old and die even if it was possible to put it in a new body.
  4. an extra 80 years is quite a 'bit' of time. even so, the body is there to help the brain repair itself too, provide a new body and the brain would indeed have more time to fix itself. Or this would buy us plenty time to at least get the neuroscientists and geneticists to figure out new drugs to focus on reversing brain aging, as now there is a much narrower focus needed there too. Recent studies show that the brain of the worlds oldest lady was pretty much the exact same as that of one in the late 30s. So no brain aging is not first on the priotity list ATM, we will figure that one out in due time, even if we don't perhaps already have the know-how provided the body could allow the brain to stay fresh and well kept up too.
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    You might only get a few days, if anything. Once the brain goes, you're dead. Ever hear of things like a brain aneurysm, stroke, dementia? Do you have any idea of how many diseases of the brain there are?

    So, a brain transplant is pretty silly to get excited about if you are thinking this is going to significantly prevent dying within a normal lifespan. We are a LONG way off from resolving issues with the brain. That would be the sensible path to follow.

    Also, this is a science forum, you need to link to the valid scientific research that backs up any claim you've made. So, please supply links. Thanks.

    This thread is also in violation of our guidelines on overly speculative posts. I am only allowing it so that people can point out the issues.
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  7. Days, where did you get 'days' from? no, plenty decades. i will provide the studies on those centurions.

    And yes, those conditions are pretty rare, and usually due to the body not being able to support it or simply a bad diet. aneurysms are also solvable, just as many other brain diseases too. say we do have the brain diseases left as our last troubles, they would really be a great deal less to look at than the entire body as a whole. we would get 99% of the pie done, the other 1% could then receive far more attention.

    And yes, the brain does rejuvante itself in a new body, and a new body would help to preserve it much longer too: via: there are more studies done, i could mention half a dozen, all singing along the same lines, will get to them too
    absolutely, i will, thanks for the coffee. just past midnight atm where i live. (will post in the morning:))

    disagree stongly, no university has declared this as impossible and much research has been done on the topic. Brain-transplants have already been done in mice, dogs and arangutangs among other primates too. however complete brain-transplant with nerves too would be the concern here.
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  9. yes the article doesn't address the matter, howeever it proves that the processes of the body helps to rejuvenate and clean the brain. This is relevant as to where a new young body is provided upon transplant. thus the new body will help the brain take care and rejuvenate itself better.
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    I wrote about a neuroscientist who has been preparing for the first "brain" transplant for many years. Actually it was a whole head transplant he planned. He had already practiced on a baboon if I remember right. I will post the details when I get home.
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    Are you referring to White?
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    apeiron, please post a link to the text you pasted into your post above, so it is not in violation of copyright. Thank you.
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    It is from My Docs. I wrote it. :smile:
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    Very niece piece apeiron.
  16. Well the cash is certainly not a problem. What would people pay for a home these days? A body is worth far more than a home would be, in fact infinitesimally more.

    The cost of raising a child to age 17 is now $300k, then there is the university and the near infinite specilised skills and education that that child will develop after this too, all of this goes completely wasted when a person dies, that's libraries burned. It would certainly add millions for every person who lives longer.

    A heart transplant costs around 100k and only buys you 20 odd extra years.

    Another thing to note is that the more this procedure would be done, the better the technique and eventually the cost will become more affordable too. even so, it would certainly be a very small fraction of what that particular person could offer in return again in the future. Especially so if the person receiving the procedure had been a neurosurgeon. Meaning just on the first step of the ladder we would have already bought the entire ladder and then some too.

    It will repay itself in no time and add a great deal back too. People will regain what is most important too.

    Cost, even if it was a million dollars, is not of any concern here. It will both far out pay itself and the value is infinite too.
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    No, cash really was the problem for White. He said he wouldn't be allowed to do it in the US, but Kiev was willing (if he had the money). And I had no reason to disbelieve him.
  18. Well yes about white, but i was not referring to White, i was referring to the procedure in general and if it had gone mass market like say the heart transplant has gone.

    Also have noted that Chris Barnhard was also very keen on the brain transplant. will post those articles the second i get time :)

    White was certainly not the only one, there have been plenty others too, and these experiments have been done in mice, dogs, and other primates too
    : interviews with Robert J. White
    Other head transplantations:
  19. Thank you LiveTrue for this post!

    It CAN be done and it WILL be done. It is all a matter of time.

    Most of the posts i have read on this thread are simply excuses as to why not to do it or why it could not be done instead of focusing on the exact steps necessary of HOW it will be done.

    So HOW will it be done? ...well, LETS FOCUS ON WHAT IS STOPPING US and see if we can OVERCOME it...

    1. moral issue - this is really just an emotional excuse and has no validity as to whether or not is is able to be completed. lets think objectively here for a minute and take emotions out of it...just for a short while anyway while we prove how it can be done...then we can always return to a state of moral and emotional happiness. It seems most of the posts in response to LiveTrue's original post have some degree of this attached...all I am asking here is to temporarily remove this mindset please.

    2. cost - lack of capital - give me a break. someone WILL fund it if presented in the correct way. talk to a billionaire if you need millions. So White couldn't find the funding. does that mean that YOU cannot? this is merely an excuse and focusing on it will deter us from the solution of actually doing it. again...all I am asking here is to temporarily remove this mindset please and replace it with a mindset of doing whatever it takes to complete the task.

    3. full nerve connection + recovery - seems to be the biggest issue (and only issue IMO). lets tackle this! Its been successfully done before in mice/pigs/primates/what have you - but HEY - I want full functionality of my new body!...what SPECIFICALLY is it going to take?! lets dig deeper here. This seems to be the only TRUE issue, therefore I am asking rest of people on this forum to specifically focus on THIS SOLUTION.

    this is a science forum, correct? (not a religious/moral or financial forum) lets focus on the scientific solution. we can do it. we will do it. it is only a matter of time.

    Lastly, is not one person going to challenge the fact that this has already been done behind closed government doors and just not publicized yet?!

    I say it HAS.

    ...apologize to all if you find my post offensive. I truly respect everyones opinion who has posted before me.

    I really just simply see it from a SUCCESS prospective and doing whatever it takes to get it done versus a failure prospective of why it cannot be done.

    we CAN
    we WILL
    we MUST!

    failure is not an option. period.

    what would you do if you knew that you could not fail? do we make this our reality here? the questions at hand...

    - can we have a prepatory step where the patient grows a grafted piece of the new spinal column for a few months/years directly to the back of the head? (i can wear long hair/hat for a while to cover it up if it meant getting a new body!)...just an idea.


    - WHAT IS RECOVERY TIME? (its okay if 12 years, at least we have a baseline to work with)

    - HOW DO WE GET FULL 100% FUNTIONALITY OF ALL BODILY FUNCTIONS BACK? (lets not short change ourselves here)

    any links on this in-depth research already published (or not) that I can read?
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    Closed. Overly speculative, conspiracy theory.
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