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Branches of theoretical physics are the most likely to find a TOE?

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    Which branches of theoretical physics are the most likely to find a TOE?

    I'm just trying to learn a little about this stuff, but my physics knowledge isn't too deep as I am only a first-year undergrad.

    A nudge in the right direction would be appreciated!
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    Re: Toe

    Quantum theory, particle physics, would be the places to look. These are very much intertwined.
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    Re: Toe

    There may not be a TOE because of our poor knowledge. Although many claim so, it is just fooling.
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    Re: Toe

    I guess the quest for "quantum gravity" is often associated with approaching a ToE, such that principles of Quantum Field Theory and General Relativity are combined in an appropriate manner. I however agree that this will most likely not yield a ToE; yet it might lead to a unified theory of all known interactions.
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