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Homework Help: Breaking into traffic at an intersection

  1. Jul 23, 2007 #1
    I was given a very open ended question stating...

    "How Long will it take to break into a line of traffic at a 'T' intersection"

    I need some sort of start like a theory that includes this kind of thing. We have been studying probability this term so i need something to do with a probabilty distribution to solve this or something along those lines...

    Just any help really would be greatly appreciated.
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    For a driver to turn into cross traffic, there needs to be some interval of time in which the driver can complete a turn (left or right) and accelerate to match the speed of the traffic.

    One would have to determine the mean time (interval) between vehicles in the cross-traffic, and determine over some cumulative time, how often does the right interval between vehicles exceed the interval required for the turning vehicle to turn and match speed.

    One has to determine the variables that affect the mean time between vehicles in the cross traffic.
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